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Sikorska, A.


Chrusciel, J.;   Douali, R.;   Kudlacz, K.;   Legrand, Ch.;   Marzec, M.;   Mikulko, A.;   Ossowska-Chrusciel, D.M.;   Ossowska-Chrusciel, M.D.;   Pastor, P.;   Przedmojski, J.;   Roszkowski, P.;   Rudzki, A.;   Wróbel, S.

Publication Titles

2002: Synthesis and mesomorphic properties of new homological series of the thiobenzoates
2007: Ferroelectric properties of achiral banana-shaped and calamitic-chiral thioesters
2007: Study of phase situation in a banana-shaped 7OSOR compound from thiobenzoate series

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