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Shiyanovskii, S.V.

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Shiyanovskii, Sergey V.;   Shiyanovskii, Sergij V.;   Shiyanovskii, Serguey V.;   Shiyanovsky, S.V.


Anisimov, M.A.;   Bodnar, V.H.;   Bos, P.J.;   Bos, Ph.;   Chiccoli, C.;   D'yachenko, A.M.;   Doane, K.J.;   Fedorenko, D.;   Feruli, I.;   Francescangeli, O.;   Gerasimov, A.A.;   Glushchenko, A.;   Golovin, A.B.;   Ishikawa, T.;   Kelly, J.R.;   Kostko, A.F.;   Kuksenok, O.V.;   Kulishov, V.I.;   Lavrentovich, O.D.;   Linev, V.A.;   Liu, H.;   Narkevich, Yu.S.;   Nastishin, Yu.A.;   Niehaus, G.D.;   Ouskova, E.;   Pasini, P.;   Pishnyak, O.P.;   Polak, R.D.;   Reznikov, Yu.;   Reznikov, Yu.A.;   Ruhwandl, R.W.;   Schneider, T.;   Simoni, F.;   Skripnik, K.S.;   Smalyukh, I.I.;   Su, L.;   Subacius, D.;   Sugakov, V.I.;   Tang, S.;   Terent'eva, Yu.G.;   Terentieva, J.G.;   Terentjev, E.M.;   Tolochko, A.S.;   Tomashevskii, I.E.;   Voloschenko, D.;   West, J.L.;   Woolverton, C.J.;   Yin, Y.;   Yin, Ye;   Zannoni, Claudio

Publication Titles

1977: Phase transformations in limited liquid crystals
1980: Effect of long-range action in an intermolecular interaction on optical spectra of liquid crystals
1981: Shape of absorption bands in optical spectra of uniaxial liquid crystals
1983: Inelastic scattering of slow neutrons in nematic liquid crystals
1985: Light-induced chirality of nematic liquid crystals
1986: Dimensional effects near the nematic liquid crystal-isotropic liquid phase transition
1989: Deracemization of nematic liquid crystals, induced by chiral dopants
1990: Helical Smectic A
1990: Intrinsic band splitting in optical spectra of liquid crystals
1990: Theory of Surface Electroma Gnetic Waves in Cholesteric Liquid Crystals
1991: Radiation effects in liquid crystals
1992: Propagation and Excitation of Surface Electromagnetic Waves in Cholesteric Liquid Crystals
1992: Spontaneous Deracemization of Nematics under Phase Transitions
1992: Spontaneous deracemization of a nematic liquid crystal during phase transitions
1994: Conductivity of liquid crystal with donor and acceptor impurities under irradiation
1996: Critical behavior of a nematic-cholesteric mixture in an electric field
1996: Director structure around a colloid particle suspended in a nematic liquid crystal
1996: Study of structures in filled nematics with spherical particles.
1996: Study of structures in the heterogeneous system - nematic with spherical particles
1997: Cholesteric gratings with field-controlled period
1998: Cholesteric diffraction devices with a field-controlled grating vector
1998: Electrically-controlled cholesteric gratings
1998: Structural transitions in nematic filled with colloid particles
1999: Determination of nematic polar anchoring from retardation versus voltage measurements
1999: Nematic polar anchoring strength measured by electric field techniques
2000: Tensor and complex anchoring in liquid crystals
2001: Director structures of cholesteric diffraction gratings
2001: Hidden photoalignment of liquid crystals in the isotropic phase
2001: Photo-orientation of liquid crystals due to light-induced desorption and adsorption of dye molecules on an aligning surface
2001: Surface control of dye adsorption in liquid crystals
2001: Tensor and Complex Representations of Anchoring in Liquid Crystals
2001: Three-dimensional imaging of orientational order by fluorescence confocal polarizing microscopy
2002: Three-Dimensional Visualization of Defect Patterns in Cholesteric Liquid Crystals
2002: Topological defects in schlieren textures of biaxial and uniaxial nematics
2004: Fast-switching dual-frequency liquid crystal optical retarder for beam steering applications
2004: Pretransitional fluctuations in the isotropic phase of a lyotropic chromonic liquid crystal
2005: Dielectric Torque and Orientation Dynamics of Liquid Crystals with Dielectric Dispersion
2005: Lyotropic Chromonic Liquid Crystals for Biological Sensing Applications
2006: Electric heating effects in nematic liquid crystals
2007: Levitation, Lift, and Bidirectional Motion of Colloidal Particles in an Electrically Driven Nematic Liquid Crystal
2007: Thermodielectric Bistability in Dual Frequency Nematic Liquid Crystal


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