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Shirazi, S.N.R.


Bunning, J.D.;   Butcher, J.L.;   Byron, D.J.;   Matharu, A.S.;   Tajbakhsh, A.R.;   Wilson, R.C.

Publication Titles

1991: An unusual sequence of smectic phases formed by members of the homologous series of 3-fluoro-4-octyloxyphenyl 4-(5-alkyl-2-thenyl)benzoates
1992: A Study of Homologation and the Occurrence of an S{\sub A}-S{\sub C}-S{\sub A} Sequence of Phases in the 4-n-Alkoxy-3-Fluorophenyl 4-(5-n-Alkyl-2-Thienyl)Benzoates
1993: A study of homologation and the occurrence of an SA-SC-SA sequence of phases in the 4-alkoxy-3-fluorophenyl 4-(5-alkyl-2-thienyl)benzoates
1993: Ph. D. Thesis Nottingham

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