Index Name

Shin, Tae Joo

Alternative Writings

Shin, Tae J.

Similar Names

Shin, T.J.


Jung, Jin Chul;   Kim, Sang-Il;   Lee, Byeongdu;   Lee, Ki-Bong;   Park, Hong Ki;   Pyo, Seung-Moon;   Ree, Moonhor;   Youn, Hwa Shik

Publication Titles

1999: Synthesis and properties of new aromatic polyimides. Polymeric materials for light-emitting and liquid-crystal displays
2001: Time-Resolved Synchrotron X-ray Diffraction and Infrared Spectroscopic Studies of Imidization and Structural Evolution in a Microscaled Film of PMDA-3,4'-ODA Poly(amic acid)
2005: In Situ Infrared Spectroscopy Study on Imidization Reaction and Imidization-induced Refractive Index and Thickness Variations in Microscale Thin Films of a Poly(amic ester)

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