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Shin, S.-T.

Alternative Writings

Shin, S.T.;   Shin, S.t.

Similar Names

Shin, Seung-Tae;   Shin, Sun-Tae;   Shin, Sung-Tae


Brock, J.D.;   Choi, J.-W.;   Finotello, D.;   Keast, S. Sabol;   Keum, S.-R.;   Kim, K.H.;   Kim, Y.-B.;   Kumar, Satyendra;   Lee, M.-H.;   Lee, M.-J.;   Lee, S.-D.;   Lee, S.-H.;   Lim, Y.J.;   Litster, J.D.;   Mang, Joseph T.;   Neubert, Mary E.;   Patel, Prem;   Rieker, T.P.;   Shin, J.-T.;   Song, J.-H.;   Sutton, Mark

Publication Titles

1991: Microcalorimetric study of nematic-to-neat-soap and nematic-to-isotropic phase transitions in a lyotropic liquid crystal
1992: High-precision heat-capacity study of phase transitions in a lyotropic liquid crystal
1992: Nematic to Smectic-A Phase Transition in a Side Chain Liquid Crystal Polymer: A Sans and High-Resolution X-Ray Scattering Study
1998: 5th Int. Display Workshop (IDW'98), Kobe
1998: Calorimetric and x-ray diffraction studies of critical behavior at the nematic to lamellar phase transition
1998: Critical behavior at the nematic to lamellar phase transitions: A synchrotron x-ray scattering study
2001: Synthesis and characterization of new liquid crystalline materials containing a non-activated arylazoindolinobenzospiropyranyl group as a chiral unit. Part II
2004: Synthesis and Characterization of New Liquid Crystals containing a Non-Activated Indolinobenzospiropyranyl Group. Part 4*[1]
2005: Electro-optic characteristics and switching principle of a single-cell-gap transflective liquid-crystal display associated with in-plane rotation of liquid crystal driven by a fringe-field


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5th Int. Display Workshop (IDW'98), Kobe, 1998, LCTp2
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