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Shepherd, James P.

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Shepherd, J.P.;   Shepherd, James


Calundann, Gordon;   Charbonneau, Larry F.;   Farrow, Gerald;   Flint, John A.;   Gupta, Balaram;   Hatke, Wilfried;   Kiss, Gabor D.;   Linstid, H. Clay;   Marr, Brian B.;   Sawyer, Linda C.;   Shen, Sunny S.;   Wissbrun, Kurt F.

Publication Titles

1991: Melt-processable polyester forming an anisotropic melt which exhibits a balance between its molding and heat deflection temperatures
1993: Liquid crystalline polyesters containing metal terephthalate nucleating agents
1993: Process for forming improved liquid crystalline polymer blends
1993: Wholly aromatic liquid crystalline polymers containing sulfonated ionic monomer units and laminates thereof
1994: Development in in situ blends of poly(p-oxybenzoate-co-p-phenyleneisophthalate) with other thermotropic liquid crystalline polymers
1994: Manufacture of melt-processable blends of an isotropic and a thermotropic polymer with good physical properties
1995: Thermotropic polyamide-polyesters containing monomer units derived from 4,4'-biphenyldicarboxylic acid
1998: Polarizer films comprising wholly aromatic liquid crystalline polymers and dichroic dyes for liquid -crystal display devices
2003: Anisotropic melt-forming polymers having a high degree of stretchability


J. Appl. Polym. Sci., 53, 575
JP 2005501150 T (2005/01/13)
US 5.015.722 (1991/05/14)
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US 5.738.803 (1998/04/14)
WO 9.304.127 (1993/03/04)
WO 9.404.612 (1994/03/03)
WO 9.517.446 (1995/06/29)

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