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Shcherbina, M.A.

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Shcherbina, Maxim A.


Bessonova, N.P.;   Chvalun, S.N.;   Godovskii, Yu.K.;   Godovsky, Yu.K.;   Kaznacheev, A.V.;   Makarova, N.N.;   Petrova, I.M.;   Petrovskii, P.V.;   Volkova, L.M.

Publication Titles

2003: LC stereoregular cyclosiloxanes with the cis-anti-cis position of the cyanobiphenyl groups
2003: Synthesis and packing type of the cyclotetrasiloxanes stereoisomers with mesogenic cyanobiphenyl groups in LC state
2004: Synthesis of new stereoregular 2,4,6,8-tetraphenylcyclotetrasiloxanes with mesogenic groups and the influence of spatial isomerism on the phase state of individual isomers and their mixtures

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