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Shashidhar, Ranganathan

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Shashidar, Ranganathan;   Shashidhar, R.;   Shashidhar, Ranganthan


Adams, Jörg;   Avlyanov, Jamshid K.;   Beresnev, Leonid;   Beresnev, Leonid A.;   Brandow, Susan L.;   Calvert, Jeffrey M.;   Chen, Mu-San;   Chen, Mu-Sen;   Chonko, J.;   Colton, Richard J.;   Crawford, Gregory P.;   Crawford, Renate J.;   Cuttino, David S.;   DiLella, Daniel P.;   Doane, J. William;   Doane, William;   Dulcey, Charles;   Duran, Randolph S.;   Epstein, Arthur J.;   Fang, Jiyu;   Fare, Thomas L.;   Fritz, William;   Fritz, William J.;   Gebler, Darren D.;   Grüneberg, Kirsten;   Grüneberg, Kirsten A.;   Heiney, Paul A.;   Hewitt, Richard;   Holt, David;   Huang, Feng;   Huang, Ling;   Huang, Zheyuan;   Kim, Y.;   Lavarello, Antonio;   Lavrentovich, Oleg D.;   MacDiarmid, Alan G.;   Naciri, Jawad;   Naciri, Jawad W.;   Nastishyn, Y.;   Niciri, Jawad;   O'Ferrall, Catherine Elizabeth;   O'ferrall, Catherine;   Peek, Brian;   Pfeiffer, Sebastian;   Pollack, R.;   Ratna, Banahalli R.;   Rettig, Willi;   Schnur, Joel M.;   Shenoy, Devanand;   Shenoy, Devanand K.;   Smith, Steve;   Smith, Steven W.;   Spector, Mark S.;   Swager, Timothy M.;   Vargo, Terrance;   Vargo, Terrence G.;   Wan, Yunzhang;   Wang, Hsing-Lin;   Wang, Pen-Cheng;   Weslowski, Brian;   Weslowski, Brian T.;   Whitaker, Craig;   Whitesides, George M.;   Wilson, C.;   Wonderly, H.;   Wynne, Kenneth J.;   Xia, Younan

Publication Titles

1991: Evidence of pronounced positional order at the graphite-liquid crystal interface of a bulk nematic material
1993: Fast-switching ferroelectric liquid-crystal polymers and devices containing them
1993: Langmuir films of liquid crystalline materials: the influence of molecular architecture on morphology and properties
1994: Device for low electric-field induced switching of Langmuir-Blodgett ferroelectric liquid crystal polymer films
1994: Electro-optic performance of electroclinic materials with large induced tilt angle
1996: Application of thin films of conjugated polymers in novel LED's and liquid crystal "light valves"
1996: Conducting substrate for liquid-crystal display device
1996: Electrooptic performance of electroclinic liquid crystals and their mixtures
1996: Liquid crystal composition and alignment layer for display device
1997: Conducting polymer films for plastic liquid crystal displays
1997: Conducting polymer substrates for plastic liquid crystal display
1997: Patterned conducting polymer surfaces, their preparation, and devices using them
1998: Liquid crystal composition and alignment layer
1998: Photodimerized monolayer (PDML) versus rubbed polyimide (RPI): a comparison of electrooptic properties
1999: Advances in Ch-LCD devices using plastic substrates with conducting polymer
1999: Advances in liquid crystals for gray-scale applications
1999: Device properties and polar anchoring of nematic molecules at photodimerized surfaces
2000: Electroclinic liquid crystals with large tilt angles for grayscale applications
2001: Electronic display device and coatings thereof
2001: Synthesis and photodimerization in self-assembled monolayers of 7-(8-trimethoxysilyloctyloxy)coumarin
2002: Effect of annealing on the dielectric parameters of ferroelectric TSiKN65
2002: Tuning polar anchoring energy through chemical modification of photodimerized surfaces
2003: Twisted nematic device fabrication using photoalignment monolayers
2004: Molecular structure and pretilt control of photodimerized-monolayers (PDML)


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