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Severcan, Feride

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Severcan, F.


Cristescu, C.P.;   Dorohoi, Dana;   Dorohoi, Dana-Ortansa;   Kazanci, Nadide;   Kirbiyik, Halil;   Korkmaz, Filiz;   Sahin, Ipek;   Stan, Cristina;   Toyran, Neslihan

Publication Titles

1988: Investigation of interaction of cholesterol with dimyristoyl lecithin bilayer membranes by using spin-label ESR technique
2003: Competitive effect of vitamin D2 and Ca2+ on phospholipid model membranes: an FTIR study
2005: Concentration dependent different action of progesterone on the order, dynamics and hydration states of the head group of dipalmitoyl-phosphatidylcholine membrane.
2005: Effect of progesterone on DPPC membrane: Evidence for lateral phase separation and inverse action in lipid dynamics
2006: Effect of Gramicidin S on the Dipalmitoylphosphatidyl-glycerol Thermotropic Phase Transition in DPPG/GS Systems: A Mathematical Approach
2007: Interaction between vitamin D2 and magnesium in liposomes: Differential scanning calorimetry and FTIR spectroscopy studies.
2007: Melatonin induces opposite effects on order and dynamics of anionic DPPG model membranes
2008: FTIR studies of temperature influence on the DPPG model membrane


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