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Serrano, Jose L.

Alternative Writings

Serrano, José L.

Similar Names

Serrano, J.L.;   Serrano, Jose Luis;   Serrano, José Luis


Albeniz, Ana C.;   Barbera, Joaquin;   Barberá, Joaquín;   Cativiela, Carlos;   Elduque, Anabel;   Espinet, Pablo;   Esteruelas, Miguel A.;   Fletcher, Ian D.;   Garcia-Frutos, Eva M.;   Gimenez, Raquel;   Golemme, Attilio;   Gomez-Lor, Berta;   Hernandez-Ainsa, Silvia;   Lahoz, Fernando J.;   Lequerica, M. Carmen;   Levelut, Anne-Marie;   Lopez, Jose A.;   Lopez-Marcos, F. Javier;   Marcos, Mercedes;   Martin-Rapun, Rafael;   Martín-Rapún, Rafael;   Melendez, Enrique;   Navarro, Fernando;   Omenat, Ana;   Oriol, Luis;   Oro, Luis A.;   Romero, Pilar;   Sola, Eduardo;   Talarico, Mara;   Termine, Roberto;   Zurbano, Maria M.

Publication Titles

1990: A study of the structure-mesomorphism relationship in some polymers and low-molecular-weight model compounds
1992: Rectangular and hexagonal columnar mesophases in dinuclear rhodium(II) (alkyloxy)benzoate complexes
1995: Metallomesogenic polymers
1995: Synthesis of 3-Substituted Pentane-2,4-Diones: Valuable Intermediates For Liquid Crystals
1998: (Pyrazolato)gold Complexes Showing Room-Temperature Columnar Mesophases. Synthesis, Properties, and Structural Characterization
1998: The effects of steric interactions on the stability of smectic A phases in mixtures of calamitic, organometallic complexes with 2,4,7-trinitro-9-fluorenone
2000: Ionic silver amino complexes displaying liquid crystalline behavior close to room temperature
2005: Ionic Thermotropic Liquid Crystal Dendrimers
2006: Ionic Liquid Crystal Dendrimers with Mono-, Di- and Trisubstituted Benzoic Acids
2008: New Electrode-Friendly Triindole Columnar phases with High Hole Mobility
2010: Philic and Phobic Segregation in Liquid-Crystal Ionic Dendrimers: An Enthalpy-Entropy Competition


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