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Serrano, Jose-Luis

Alternative Writings

Serrano, José-Luis

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Serrano, J.-L.;   Serrano, J.L.;   Serrano, Jose Luis;   Serrano, José Luis


Alonso, Pablo J.;   Amabilino, David B.;   Barbera, Joaquin;   Barberá, Joaquín;   Broer, Dick J.;   Cavero, Emma;   Chinelatto, Luiz S.;   Donnio, Bertrand;   Fischer, Th.;   Garces, Ana C.;   Giminez, R.;   Guillon, Daniel;   Jayaraman, Narayanaswamy;   Lehmann, Matthias;   Luckhurst, Geoffrey R.;   Mainal, Azizah;   Marcos, Mercedes;   Martinez, Jesus I.;   Martín-Rapún, Rafael;   Millaruelo, Marta;   Minguet, Maria;   Omenat, Ana;   Oriol, Luis;   Pinol, Milagros;   Piñol, Milagros;   Ramos, Elena;   Rosenhauer, Regina;   Rueff, Jean-Michel;   Sierra, Teresa;   Stoddart, J. Fraser;   Stumpe, Joachim;   Tejedor, Rosa M.;   Vazquez, Jesus T.;   Veciana, Jaume

Publication Titles

1991: Paramagnetic nematic liquid crystals
1998: Long-Range Chiral Induction in Chemical Systems with Helical Organization. Promesogenic Monomers in the Formation of Poly(isocyanide)s and in the Organization of Liquid Crystals
1999: Chiral linear isocyanide palladium(II) and gold(I) complexes as ferroelectric liquid crystals
1999: Synthesis and studies of sugar-coated discotic liquid crystals
2000: Copper-containing dendromesogens: the influence of the metal on the mesomorphism
2002: Light-induced orientation of dyes in azobenzene containing LC polymers
2003: Lamellar to Columnar Mesophase Evolution in a Series of PAMAM Liquid-Crystalline Codendrimers
2003: Supramolecular Helical Stacking of Metallomesogens Derived from Enantiopure and Racemic Polycatenar Oxazolines
2004: Poly(propyleneimine) Liquid Crystal Codendrimers Bearing Laterally and Terminally Attached Promesogenic Groups
2006: Long-range effects of chirality in aromatic poly(isocyanide)s
2006: Synthesis and Characterization of Supramolecular Polymeric Materials Containing Azopyridine Units


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