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Selbmann, Ch.

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Selbmann, C..

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Selbmann, C.;   Selbmann, Christine


Bault, P.;   Dabrowski, R.;   Demus, Dietrich;   Diele, Siegmar;   Goc, F.;   Hauser, A.;   Heppke, Gerd;   Koswig, H.D.;   Latif, I.;   Rauch, S.;   Rettig, R.;   Sawade, Hans;   Weissflog, W.;   Witko, W.;   Wulf, J.

Publication Titles

1984: Influence of lateral branches on the properties of liquid crystalline 1,4-Bis-[4-n-hexylbenzoyloxy]-2-subst.-benzenes (II): connection between molecular structure and physical properties
1984: Influence of lateral branches on the properties of liquid-crystalline 1,4-bis[4-n-hexylbenzoyloxy]-2-substituted-benzenes. I. Measurement of density, viscosity and optical anisotropy
1985: Thermotropic liquid crystalline compounds with lateral long-chain substituents (IV). Physical properties of 1,4-bis-[4-n-octyloxybenzoyloxy]-2-n-alkylbenzenes
1986: Physical Properties of Liquid Crystalline 5-n-Hexyl-2-(4-n-alkyloxyphenyl)-pyrimidines
1987: Physical Properties of Liquid Crystalline 5-N-Hexyl-2-(4-N-Alkyloxyphenyl)-Pyrimidines
1993: Studies on Thermooptical Switching Properties in Glass-Forming Calamitic Liquid Crystals
1994: Laser Addressed Thermooptical Switching Process in Nematic and Ferroelectric Glass Phases
1995: Thermoelectrooptical switching properties in glass - forming calamitic liquid crystal mixtures
1996: Laserinduced Structure Changes on Free Surfaces of Liquid Crystalline Glasses
2002: Biphenyl – Based Banana Shaped Compounds
2005: Induction of Antiferroelectric Phases in High Tilt Chiral Smectics by Doping with Bent-Shaped Liquid Crystals


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