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Seiberle, Hubert

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Seiberle, H.


Benecke, Carsten;   Buchecker, Richard;   Ibn-Elhaj, Mohammed;   Kelly, Stephen M.;   Marck, Guy;   Moia, Franco;   Muller, Olivier;   Schadt, Martin;   Schmitt, Klaus;   Schuster, Andreas

Publication Titles

1993: Methods for disinclination-free orientation of liquid crystals
1995: Photo-generation of linearly polymerized liquid crystal aligning layers comprising novel, integrated optically patterned retarders and color filters
1995: Photoinduced alignment and patterning of hybrid liquid crystalline polymer films on single substrates
1996: Optical patterning of multi-domain liquid-crystal displays with wide viewing angles
1997: Transfer of polarization patterns to polarization sensitive photolayers
1998: Photocrosslinkable polymers and their use
1998: Photocrosslinkable silane derivatives and their use
1999: Liquid crystal orientation layers
1999: Optical component, orientation layer, and layerable polymerizable mixture
1999: Optical identification element
2000: Determination of director distributions in liquid crystal polymer-films by means of generalized anisotropic ellipsometry
2000: Liquid-crystal display device with improved viewing angle
2000: Optical LPP/LCP devices: a new generation of optical security elements
2002: Photoactive copolymers useful as orientation layers for liquid crystals
2002: Polarizing film
2003: Photoactive dendrimers useful for orientation layers of liquid crystal display devices


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