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Seed, A.J.

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Seed, Alex J.;   Seed, Alexander J.;   Seed, Alexander John


Cross, G.J.;   Doane, J.W.;   Gleeson, H.;   Gleeson, H.F.;   Goodby, J.W.;   Hird, M.;   Kalinovskaya, O.E.;   Khan, A.;   Kocot, A.;   Mac Lughadha, S.T.;   Miller, R.J.;   Mills, J.;   Nguyen, H.T.;   O'Sullivan, J.W.;   Panarin, Y.P.;   Panarin, Yu.P.;   Perova, T.;   Robinson, W.K.;   Styring, P.;   Toyne, Kenneth J.;   Vij, J.K.;   Walsh, M.E.;   Wrzalik, R.;   Xu, H.

Publication Titles

1995: An investigation of the field-induced ferrielectric subphases in antiferroelectric liquid crystals
1996: 16th Int. Liq. Cryst. Conf., Kent
1996: Antiferroelectricity in novel liquid crystalline materials
1996: Pyroelectric properties of an antiferroelectric liquid crystal
1996: The influence of sulfur on phenyl propiolates for ferroelectric applications
1996: The synthesis, mesomorphic behavior and physical properties of a chiral liquid crystal exhibiting an antiferroelectric smectic I phase
1997: A study of antiferroelectric liquid crystals using the pyroelectric technique
1997: Time-Resolved Ftir Spectroscopic Investigation of Antiferroelectric Liquid Crystals
1998: Observation of exotic subphases in an antiferroelectric liquid crystal
2003: Novel, highly polarizable thiophene derivatives for use in nonlinear optical applications
2004: A New High Twisting Power Material for Use as a Single Asymmetric Dopant in Cholesteric Displays with a Temperature Independence of the Helical Twisting Power


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Ferroelectrics, 178, 249
Ferroelectrics, 180, 291
Ferroelectrics, 212, 239
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