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Clark, D.C.;   Clark, S.A.;   Fischer, T.;   Fischer, Th.;   Hermel, H.;   Hettrich, W.;   Holzbauer, H.-R.;   Kretzschmar, G.;   Krägel, J.;   Lange, R.;   Mackie, A.R.;   Patzak, A.A.;   Petzold, L.;   Richter, L.;   Ruhmann, R.;   Rübner, J.;   Schneider, J.;   Schulze, J.;   Spitzl, G.;   Stumpe, J.;   Wüstneck, R.;   Zaplo, O.

Publication Titles

1987: Polymers as orientation layers for liquid crystals in liquid crystal displays
1989: Effect of substrate surface tension on the orientation of a thermotropic liquid crystal
1989: Gelatin films with embedded liquid crystals in the conoscopic ray
1990: Characterization of phase transition in liquid crystals by voltaic potential difference
1990: Organization of cyanine dye in the gelatin matrix in the presence and absence of liquid crystals
1990: The Influence of the Interfacial Interaction between Liquid Crystal and Orientation Layer on the Make Time of TNP-LCDs
1991: PDLC Display
1991: Thermal behavior and structure of gelatin layers with embedded liquid crystals
1992: Photochemically induced modification of polymer dispersed liquid crystals with photochromic stilbene. 8. Photoreactions in liquid crystals
1992: Protein-dispersed liquid crystals
1993: Configuration transition in thin gelatin layers
1993: Electro-optical behavior of polymer-dispersed liquid crystals
1993: The dependence of the orientation of liquid crystals on solid surfaces with constant surface topography on the surface tension
1993: Water-dependent matrix orientation in thin gelatin layers
1994: Gel dispersed liquid crystals
1994: Thermotropic liquid crystals embedded in a high water gel system
1996: Photochemically Induced Structure Transfer from Analogous Stilbenes and Azobenzenes onto a Nematic Liquid Crystalline Phase
1996: Photochemically addressed liquid crystal-chromophore-systems
1996: Studies of photochemically induced structure transfer from stilbene chromophores onto a liquid crystalline phase
1997: Optical Behaviour of Lyotropic Liquid Crystalline Polymer Gel Network in Dependence on Temperature
1997: Phase transitions in aqueous polymer polyether/polyhydroxy gel network
1998: Polyether/polyhydroxy gel network. A new thermotropic material
1999: Influence of inorganic salts on optical transmission behavior of thermotropic hydrogels
1999: Orientation layers for liquid crystals in liquid crystal displays
2000: Materials for intelligent sun protecting glazing


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