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Schwiegk, S.


Albouy, P.-A.;   Albrecht, C.;   Enkelmann, V.;   Leisen, J.;   Lieser, G.;   Mathauer, K.;   Rehahn, M.;   Ries, R.;   Schaub, M.;   Spiess, H.W.;   Wang, W.;   Wegner, G.;   Wenz, G.;   Werth, M.;   Zierer, D.

Publication Titles

1992: Investigation of molecular superstructure of hairy rodlike polymers by X-ray reflection
1992: Ordering phenomena in lyotropic main chain LCPs: investigation by means of electron diffraction and microscopy
1993: Rotational dynamics of substituted phthalocyaninatopolysiloxanes as measured by 2D solid-state NMR spectroscopy
1993: The crystallization behavior of rod-like macromolecules
1997: Textures and defects of the hexagonal columnar phase of phthalocyaninato-poly(siloxane) derivatives (PCPS)


Acta Polym., 44, 31
Acta Polym., 48, 536
NATO ASI Ser. C, 405, 323
Polym. Prepr., 33 (1) 294
Thin Solid Films, 210-211, 397

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