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Schwartz, D.K.

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Schwartz, Daniel K.


Als-Nielsen, J.;   Braslau, A.;   Chow, B.C.;   Clark, Noel A.;   Douglas, K.;   Farrow, M.;   Fischer, B.;   Fischer, Th.M.;   Freeman, A.S.;   Furtak, T.E.;   Huang, J.S.;   Kawamoto, E.H.;   Kellogg, G.J.;   Klittnick, A.F.;   Knobler, C.M.;   Kurnaz, M.L.;   Körblova, E.;   Lee, S.;   Liberko, C.A.;   Ocko, B.;   Pershan, P.S.;   Ruiz-Garcia, J.;   Schlossman, M.L.;   Sikes, H.D.;   Tsao, Mei-Wei;   Viswanathan, R.;   Walba, David M.;   Williams, S.D.;   Zasadzinski, J.A.

Publication Titles

1988: X-ray reflectivity studies of a microemulsion surface
1991: Relaxation and the reentrant appearance of phases in a molecular monolayer
1992: Re-entrant appearance of phases in a relaxed Langmuir monolayer of tetracosanoic acid as determined by x-ray scattering
1994: Spontaneous chiral symmetry breaking by achiral molecules in a Langmuir-Blodgett film
1996: The blooming transition in Langmuir monolayers and its microscopic origin
1997: Channel flow in a Langmuir monolayer: Unusual velocity profiles in a liquid-crystalline mesophase
1997: Two-Dimensional Melting of an Anisotropic Crystal Observed at the Molecular Level
2004: Self-assembled monolayers for liquid crystal alignment: simple preparation on glass using alkyltrialkoxysilanes


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