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Schuster, Andreas

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Schuster, A.


Buchecker, Richard;   Geue, Thomas;   Herr, Rolf-Peter;   Herzog, Francois;   Kelly, Stephen;   Kelly, Stephen M.;   Kremer, Felix J.B.;   Lupo, Donald;   Marck, Guy;   Mark, Guy;   Muller, Olivier;   Möbius, Gesine;   Pietsch, Ullrich;   Plage, Bernd;   Ringsdorf, Helmut;   Rolf, Peter;   Schadt, Martin;   Schmitt, Klaus;   Schulten, Hans-Rolf;   Seiberle, Hubert;   Seitz, Markus;   Stumpe, Joachim;   Weberskirch, Ralf

Publication Titles

1991: Thermal reactions of amphotropic copolymers studied by thermogravimetry and temperature-resolved pyrolysis-field ionization mass spectrometry
1994: Amphiphilic nonlinear optical bis-chromophores and their mixtures with amphotropic copolymers: preparation of monolayers and Langmuir-Blodgett multilayers
1994: Light induced modifications of Langmuir-Blodgett-multilayer assemblies containing amphotropic azo-copolymer
1994: Orientation layers for liquid crystals
1995: Photo-generation of linearly polymerized liquid crystal aligning layers comprising novel, integrated optically patterned retarders and color filters
1995: Photoinduced alignment and patterning of hybrid liquid crystalline polymer films on single substrates
1996: Coumarin and quinolinone derivative polymers for preparing liquid crystal orientation layers
1996: Detection of phase transitions in thin films with a quartz crystal microbalance
1996: Optical patterning of multi-domain liquid-crystal displays with wide viewing angles
1997: Curable, photosensitive arylacrylate polymers
1998: Photocrosslinkable polymers and their use
1998: Silane derivatives having photopolymerizable groups for orientation layer of liquid crystals
2002: Photoactive copolymers useful as orientation layers for liquid crystals


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