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Schulz, Michael

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Schulz, M.


Einax, Mario;   Herminghaus, Stephan;   Koßmehl, Gerhard;   Pekalski, Andrzej;   Roessler, Ernst;   Schulz, Beatrix M.;   Trimper, Steffen;   Vieth, Hans Martin;   Vieth, Hans-Martin;   Zabrocki, Knud;   van der Est, Arthur

Publication Titles

1990: Liquid crystalline side chain polymers with fluorene as mesogenic group
1990: Liquid-crystalline polysiloxanes with fluorene units, and related monomeric compounds
1991: Deuteron NMR study of benzene-d6 in a liquid-crystalline polysiloxane
1992: Liquid-crystalline polysiloxanes containing fluorene mesogens. 2. A new class of liquid-crystalline side-chain polymers with terminal 2-fluorenyl groups
2002: Disorder-induced genetic divergence: A Monte Carlo study
2002: Memory driven Ginzburg-Landau model
2002: Random walks with feedback on fractal lattices
2003: Shear-induced solid-fluid transition in a wet granular medium
2004: Friction and second-order phase transitions
2004: Memory-controlled diffusion


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