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Schröder, Martin W.

Alternative Writings

Schroder, Martin W.;   Schroeder, Martin W.

Similar Names

Schröder, M.W.;   Schröder, Martin


Achten, Remko;   Baumeister, Ute;   Bodyagin, Michael;   Brand, Kristin;   Clark, Noel A.;   Coleman, Dave;   Das, Banani;   Diele, Siegmar;   Dunemann, Ulrike;   Eremin, Alexey;   Findeisen-Tandel, Sonja;   Friedemann, Rudolf;   Giesbers, Marcel;   Grande, Siegbert;   Jones, Chris;   Kosata, Bedrich;   Koudijs, Arie;   Kovalenko, Laura;   Kresse, Horst;   Krishnan, S. Ananda Rama;   Li, Jian-Jun;   Marcelis, Antonius T.M.;   Murthy, H.N. Shreenivasa;   Naumann, Gisela;   Pancenko, Natella;   Pelzl, Gerhard;   Reddy, R. Amaranatha;   Reddy, Ramaiahgari Amaranatha;   Stannarius, Ralf;   Sudhölter, Ernst J.R.;   Tamba, Maria G.;   Vakhovskaya, Zinaida;   Weissflog, Wolfgang

Publication Titles

2002: Evidence for a polar biaxial SmA phase (CPA) in the sequence SmA-CPA-B2
2003: Different nematic phases and a switchable SmCP phase formed by homologues of a new class of asymmetric bent-core mesogens
2004: Field-induced switching of the layer chirality in SmCP phases of novel achiral bent-core liquid crystals and their unusual large increase in clearing temperature under electric field application
2004: The first bent-core mesogens exhibiting a dimorphism B7-SmCPA
2005: Field-induced inversion of chirality in SmCPA phases of new achiral bent-core mesogens
2005: Field-induced switching of chirality in undulated ferroelectric and antiferroelectric SmCP phases formed by bent-core mesogens
2005: Ten isomeric five-ring bent-core mesogens: The influence of the direction of the carboxyl connecting groups on the mesophase behavior
2005: The influence of lateral substituents on the mesophase behaviour of banana-shaped mesogens. Part II
2005: Unusual mesomorphic behaviour of new bent-core mesogens derived from 4-cyanoresorcinol
2006: Polar switching in a crystalline modification of a five-ring bent-core compound
2007: Liquid crystalline dimers with bent-core mesogenic units
2008: New bent-core mesogens with carbon–carbon multiple linkages in the terminal chains
2008: Unusual electro-optical response of an oblique columnar phase formed by a bent-core mesogen


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