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Schönhals, Andreas

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Schoenhals, Andreas;   Schonhals, Andreas

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Schönhals, A.


Barmatov, Eugeniy B.;   Beica, Traian;   Brostow, Witold;   Carius, Hans-Eckart;   Fricke, Rolf;   Fritz, A.;   Fritz, Andreas;   Frunza, Ligia;   Frunza, Stefan;   Georgoussis, George;   Geßner, Uwe;   Goering, Harald;   Grzyb, Joseph;   Guigner, Delphine;   Kosslick, Hendrik;   Kricheldorf, Hans R.;   Manaila-Maximean, Doina;   Moldovan, Rodica;   Mucha, Maria;   Ngai, K.L.;   Pissis, Polycarpos;   Pitsch, Irene;   Ruhmann, R.;   Rübner, Joachim;   Sapich, Beate;   Shibaev, Valeriy P.;   Springer, Jürgen;   Sterzynski, Tomasz;   Stumpe, Joachim;   Wolff, Dietmar;   Zubowa, Heide-Lore

Publication Titles

1995: Influence of lateral substituents in the mesogens on the properties of liquid-crystalline side group copolymethacrylates: dielectric relaxation spectroscopy on homopolymers
1996: Dependence of the molecular dynamics of comb-like polyacrylates and polymethacrylates on the mesophase structure studied by dielectric spectroscopy
1996: Dielectric and Mechanical Relaxation in the Blends of a Polymer Liquid Crystal with Polycarbonate
1996: Influence of the mesophase structure on the .beta.-relaxation in liquid crystalline poly(meth)acrylates
1997: Dynamical behavior of amorphous comb-like copolymers having photochromic azobenzene in the side chain
1998: Interpretation of the observed influence of mesophase structures on the .beta.-relaxation in side chain liquid crystal polymers
1999: Dielectric relaxation phenomena in side-chain liquid-crystalline polycarbosilane of various spacer lengths
1999: On the confinement of liquid crystals in molecular sieves: dielectric measurements
2000: Dielectric properties of thermotropic polymer liquid crystals
2000: Molecular mobility and phase transitions in a liquid crystalline polymer studied by dielectric techniques
2001: Synthesis, Dielectric, and Photochemical Study of Liquid Crystalline Main Chain Poly(ester imide)s Containing Cinnamoyl Moieties
2002: Dynamic behavior of hybrid organic-inorganic composites: liquid crystals confined in SBA-15 mesoporous materials
2008: Dynamics of Cyanophenyl Alkylbenzoate Molecules in a Surface Layer Adsorbed onto Aerosil. I. Cyanophenyl Hexylbenzoate


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