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Schneider, F.

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Blachnik, N.;   Bock, F.-J.;   Bock, F.J.;   Bock, M.;   Dörrer, H.;   Dörrer, H.L.;   Engelen, B.;   Graf, H.H.;   Greulich, M.;   Heppke, Gerd;   Heuer, H.W.;   Hopf, R.;   Illian, G.;   Jaquet, R.;   Kneppe, H.;   Kuss, E.;   Montserrat Benavent, W.E.;   Reiffenrath, V.;   Richter, E.J.;   Schwesinger, B.;   Sharma, N.K.;   Sterzl, A.

Publication Titles

1899: Ph. D. Thesis Marburg
1971: ESR spectroscopic study of the degree of order of vanadylacetylacetonate in liquid-crystalline and vitrified N-(p-methoxybenzylidene)-p-n-butylaniline
1971: Electrical conductivity in nematic solutions
1972: Field-induced surface charges in nematic electrolyte systems
1972: Kinetics of alignment of nematic liquid crystals in magnetic fields. Method to determine the rotational viscosity coefficient .gamma.1
1973: Determination of the anisotropy of the magnetic susceptibility .chi.a and of the twist viscosity .gamma.1 in nematic liquid crystals
1973: Eine Beobachtung von Inversionswänden in nematischen Elektrolytlösungen durch Leitfähigkeitsmessungen
1973: Elastic constants of a nematic liquid crystal by electric conductivity measurements
1973: Influence of the sample geometry on the electric properties of nematic electrolyte solutions
1973: Inversion walls in nematic liquid crystals
1973: Orientierung und elektrische Leitfähigkeit in dünnen Schichten nematischer Elektrolytlösungen
1973: Über eine neue Methode zur Bestimmung des anisotropen Teils der magnetischen Suszeptibilität nematischer Phasen
1974: Anomalous behavior of the anisotropy of the electric conductivity in 4,4'-bis(n-hexyloxy)azoxybenzene
1974: Conductivity studies on the smectic liquid crystal 3-[(p-ethoxybenzylidene)amino]-6-butylpyridine
1974: Dynamic behavior of magnetically induced deformations in nematic liquid crystals
1974: Dynamics of the annihilation of inversion walls in a nematic liquid crystal
1974: Electric conductivity studies on a smectic liquid crystal with several mesophases
1974: Magnetically induced conductivity changes in a smectic C mesophase
1974: Metastable deformations in nematic liquid crystals
1975: A method for studying liquid crystal phase transition using electrical conductivity measurements
1975: Determination of the elastic constants of MBBA [N-(p-methoxybenzylidene)-p'-butylaniline] and EBBA [N-(p-ethoxybenzylidene)-p'-butylaniline] by electric conductivity
1975: Electric conductivity of homologous 4,4'-di-n-alkoxyazoxybenzenes in nematic phase
1975: Elektrische Leitfähigkeitsanisotropie homologer 4, 4' -Di-n-Alkyloxy-azoxybenzole
1976: Anisotropy of the electric conductivity of several electrolytes in a nematic liquid crystal
1976: Dynamische Streuung in einer nematischen Phase mit positiver DK-und negativer Leitfähigkeitsanistropie
1976: Study of the electrical conductivity of homologous N-(4-n-alkoxybenzylidene)-4'-n-butylanilines in the nematic and smectic phases
1977: Studies on elastic behavior and orientation of induced cholesteric liquid crystals in a magnetic field
1978: Electrical conductivity of liquid crystal mixtures with induced smectic phases
1978: Induced smectic phases
1978: Phase diagrams and x-ray studies of the induced smectic phases of liquid crystal mixtures
1978: Study of the electrical conductivity in the nematic and smectic phases of 4-alkyloxy-4'-cyanobiphenyls
1979: Reentrant nematic mixtures
1980: Flow of a nematic liquid crystal in a capillary with rectangular cross sections
1980: Thermodynamic theory of reentrant nematic mixtures
1981: A comparative study of the viscosity coefficients of some nematic liquid crystals
1981: Determination of the viscosity coefficients of the liquid crystal MBBA
1981: Induced smectic phases. I. Polymorphism in binary mixtures of alkyloxybenzylidene alkylanilines with alkyl and alkyloxy cyanobiphenyls
1981: Induced smectic phases. II. Influence of the amino substituent on the induction of smectic phases
1981: Synthesis and mesomorphic properties of 4,4'-dialkylbibicyclo[2.2.2]octanes
1982: Anisotropy of the magnetic susceptibility of some nematic liquid crystals
1982: Mesomorphic properties of some nitro-substituted azomethines
1982: Rotational Viscosity of some Nematic Liquid Crystals
1982: Rotational viscosity .gamma.1 of nematic liquid crystals
1982: Viscous Properties of Nematic Liquid Crystals
1983: Determination of the rotational viscosity coefficient .gamma.1 of nematic liquid crystals
1983: Rotational viscosity coefficients γ1 for mixtures of nematic liquid crystals
1984: Rotational viscosity coefficient {\f1 g}1 of nematic liquid crystals under high pressure
1984: Viscous Properties of some Alkyloxybenzylidenebutylanilines
1985: Direct determination of the anisotropy of the magnetic susceptibility in smectic liquid crystals
1985: Is there a Relation between the Viscosity Under Flow Alignment and the Rotational Viscosity for Nematic Liquid Crystals?
1986: Measurement of the rotational viscosity, .gamma.1, of nematic liquid crystals under high pressure
1986: Rotational Viscosity {\f1 g}{\sub 1}, of Liquid Crystalline Polymers
1986: Rotational viscosity of nematic liquid crystals and their shear viscosity under flow alignment
1987: Isochoric Rotational Viscosity of Nematic Liquid Crystals
1988: Phase diagrams with closed loop smectic-nematic phase boundaries
1989: High pressure study on induced smectic A phases in binary liquid crystal mixtures
1989: Induced smectic phases and demixing in mixtures of alkanes and other nonmesogenic compounds with alkyloxy- and alkylcyanobiphenyls
1989: Rotational viscosity .gamma.1 of liquid crystalline polysiloxanes
1991: Axisymmetrical Flow of a Nematic Liquid Crystal around a Sphere
1992: Rotational viscosity .gamma.1 of nematic liquid crystals as a function of temperature, pressure and density
1992: Shear and rotational viscosity coefficients of two nematic liquid crystals
1996: Determination of interdiffusion coefficients in nematic liquid crystals by an optical method
1997: Investigation of Pretransitional Effects in the Isotropic Phase of Liquid Crystals by Means of the Cotton-Mouton Effect
1998: Flow phenomena and viscosity of liquid crystals
2000: Cotton-Mouton constants and pretransitional phenomena in the isotropic phase of liquid crystals
2002: A novel method for measuring the surface tension of free standing smectic films
2002: Film Tension of Smectic Films with Different Thicknesses
2003: Dependence of film tension on the thickness of smectic films
2003: Publisher's Note: Dependence of film tension on the thickness of smectic films [Phys. Rev. E 67, 021707 (2003)]


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