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Schmiedel, Herbert

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Schmiedel, H.


Cramer, Christiane;   Eser, Wolfgang;   Findeisen, Mathias;   Frieser, Alfred;   Grande, Siegbert;   Herzinger, Craig M.;   Hillner, Bernd;   Johs, Blaine;   Limmer, Stefan;   Lösche, Arthur;   Oehler, Steffen;   Rheinländer, Bernd;   Schubert, Mathias;   Stannarius, Ralf;   Woollam, John A.

Publication Titles

1980: Ordering and intramolecular mobility in the nematic phase of PAA investigated by means of NMR lineshape analysis and computer simulations of the lineshape
1981: Determination of the intramolecular mobility of liquid crystalline phases of TBBA using proton NMR
1981: Investigations on the ordering of five p, p'-di-n-alkyloxy-azoxybenzenes in their nematic phases by proton NMR
1981: NMR studies of the orientational behavior of thermotropic liquid crystals in a magnetic field
1981: Negative time evolution in NMR experiments on liquid crystals
1981: Proton NMR studies and spectra simulation of p-azoxyphenetole (PAP)
1984: Order matrix and intramolecular movement in thermotropic liquid crystals
1985: Evidence for a glassy smectic C phase
1990: NMR diffusion measurements in cholesteric liquid crystals - pitch length. Temperature and time dependence
1996: Generalized transmission ellipsometry for twisted biaxial dielectric media: Application to chiral liquid crystals


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