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Schaumburg, K.

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Schaumburg, Kjeld;   Shaumburg, K.


Bechgaard, K.;   Bjornholm, T.;   Bjørnholm, T.;   Bobrovskii, A.Yu.;   Bobrovsky, A.Yu.;   Boiko, N.I.;   Deussen, H.-J.;   Deussen, H.J.;   Gechgaard, K.;   Kjaer, K.;   Larsen, N.B.;   Peters, G.H.;   Peters, Günther H.;   Plaksin, V.;   Shibaev, P.V.;   Shibaev, V.P.;   Toxvaerd, S.;   Vinokur, R.;   Vinokur, R.A.

Publication Titles

1994: Phase transitions in diglyceride monolayers studied by computer simulations, pressure-area isotherms and X-ray diffraction
1995: Structure and dynamics of lipid monolayers: implications for enzyme catalyzed lipolysis
1996: New 6,6'-disubstituted-binaphthol derivatives as chiral dopants: synthesis and temperature dependence of molecular conformations
1996: Synthesis of new chiral disubstituted binaphthol derivatives and their use as the chiral dopants
1997: New binaphthyl-containing liquid - crystalline copolymers forming a chiral nematic phase
1997: Novel atropisomeric binaphthol containing comb-shaped copolymers forming chiral nematic phases
1997: Novel atropoisomeric binaphthyl-containing liquid crystalline copolymers forming chiral nematic phases
1997: Twisted Nematic Phases: Theory and Experiment
1998: Twisted nematic phases induced by atropoisomers
1999: Photochromic liquid-crystalline copolymers bearing cinnamic acid-based chiral side groups
2000: Twisted Nematics: Conformation of Chiral Dopants
2002: Responsive Chiral Hydrogen-Bonded Polymer Composites


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