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Schadt, Martin

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Schadt, M.


Alexe-Ionescu, Anca Luisa;   Aloe, R.;   Barberi, Riccardo Cristoforo;   Bartolino, Roberto;   Benecke, C.;   Benecke, Carsten;   Boller, Arthur;   Bonvent, Jean-Jacques;   Brodzik, M.;   Buchecker, Richard;   Chang, Ifay F.;   Chen, X.-H.;   Chen, Xin-Hua;   Chernova, N.I.;   Chernova, Nina;   Chidichimo, G.;   Chigrinov, V.;   Chigrinov, V.G.;   Chigrinov, Vladimir Grigorievich;   Choi, Suk-Won;   Chung, Doo-Han;   Dabrowski, R.;   Fialkov, Yury A.;   Frech, Cheryl Baldwin;   Fromm, Hans-Jürgen;   Fung, B.M.;   Fung, Bing M.;   Fünfschilling, Jürg;   Gerber, P.R.;   Gerber, Paul R.;   Germann, Alfred;   Giocondo, Michele;   Golemme, A.;   Herr, R.-P.;   Herr, Rolf Peter;   Herr, Rolf-Peter;   Hoshi, Hajime;   Ibn-Elhaj, Mohammed;   Iovane, Maria;   Ishikawa, Ken;   Ivashchenko, A.V.;   Ji, Xinhua;   Kazachkov, Eduard;   Kelly, Stephen;   Kelly, Stephen M.;   Korotkova, Nataliya;   Kozenkov, V.M.;   Kozenkov, Vladimir Marcovich;   Kozinkov, V.;   Lee-Schmiederer, Silvia;   Leenhouts, Frans;   Loseva, M.V.;   Loseva, Marina;   Lukac, Teodor;   Magnuson, Matthew L.;   Marck, Guy;   Maurer, Robert;   Moia, Franco;   Mueller, Francis;   Muller, Olivier;   Müller, Klaus;   Narkevich, Julia;   Nicklaus, Karl;   Novoseletskii, N.V.;   Novoseletsky, Nicolic Vasilievich;   Ong, Hiap Liew;   Pavluchenko, Assya I.;   Pavlyuchenko, A.I.;   Petrashevich, O.S.;   Petrashevich, Olga;   Petrov, V.F.;   Petrov, Vladimir F.;   Petrzilka, Martin;   Pozhidaev, E.P.;   Pozhidaev, Evgeny;   Rabinovich, A.Z.;   Rabinovich, Arnold;   Reshetnyak, V.Yu.;   Reshetnyak, Victor Yurievich;   Reznikov, Yu.A.;   Reznikov, Yuriy Alexandrovich;   Richter, Wolfgang;   Rolf, Peter;   Scherrer, Hanspeter;   Schleich, Kuno;   Schmitt, K.;   Schmitt, Klaus;   Schuster, Andreas;   Seiberle, Hubert;   Seils, Frank;   Shelyazhenko, Svetlana V.;   Smirnova, N.I.;   Smirnova, Natalia I.;   Stalder, Martin;   Takatsu, Haruyoshi;   Takezoe, Hideo;   Titov, V.T.;   Trickes, Georg;   Villiger, A.;   Villiger, Alois;   Virga, Epifanio G.;   Weitzel, Hans-Peter;   Yoo, Jeong-Geun;   van der Helm, Dick

Publication Titles

1977: Liquid crystal mixtures
1978: Physical properties of new liquid-crystal mixtures and electrooptical performance in twisted nematic displays
1979: Liquid crystal mixtures
1980: Cyclohexylpyrimidines, as well as liquid crystal mixtures and electrooptical devices containing these compounds
1980: On the measurement of elastic constants in nematic liquid crystals: comparison of different models
1982: Flüssigkristalline Gemische
1982: Hydrogenated naphthalenes and their use as liquid crystals
1982: Liquid crystal (trans-4-alkylcyclohexyl)pyrimidines
1982: Liquid crystal mixtures
1982: Mixtures containing a dye and their use in liquid crystal mixtures
1983: Liquid crystal mixture
1983: Phenylethanes
1983: Pyridazines for liquid crystal display devices.
1984: Colored liquid crystal mixtures containing phenylethane
1984: Dicyanobenzenes
1984: Liquid crystal components having an alkenyl chain
1984: New liquid crystals : the influence of e-alkenyl side chains on the mesomorphic behaviour of typical nematogens
1984: Physical properties of novel liquid crystals exhibiting fast response and low elastic ratios K33/K11
1984: Tetra- and pentacyclic esters for liquid crystal displays
1984: Tetra- and pentacyclic monoesters for optical display devices and chromatographic stationary phases
1986: Alkenyl-substituted phenyl isothiocyanates and benzonitriles
1986: Coloring substance-containing liquid crystal mixtures
1986: Cyclohexanecarbonitriles and their use as components for liquid crystal compositions
1986: Liquid crystal mixtures containing compounds with a 4-alkenyl or cis-2-alkenyl side chain
1986: Liquid crystals
1986: Liquid crystals with alkenyl or alkenyloxy groups
1986: Material parameters and intrinsic optical bistability in room temperature nematics RO-TN-200, -201, -403, E7, m1, and m3
1986: The cooperative effects of heterocycles, NCS-polar groups, and double bonds on the material properties of new nematic liquid crystals
1987: Electrooptical performance of a new, black-white and highly multiplexable liquid crystal display
1987: Liquid-crystal derivatives of phenyl benzoate for electrooptical display devices
1987: Liquid-crystal pyridine derivatives for electrooptical display devices
1987: Nematic liquid crystals and electrooptical effects: display applications
1987: New liquid crystals: the mesomorphic properties of mono- and bisalkenyl(oxy) substituted esters
1987: Synthesis, physical properties and structural relationships of new, end-chain substituted nematic liquid crystals
1988: Ferroelectric liquid crystals
1988: Orientational ordering of 4-substituted phenylcyclohexanes studied by carbon-13 two-dimensional NMR
1989: Alkenylbicyclohexanes and liquid-crystal mixtures and electrooptical devices containing them
1989: Halogenated benzene derivatives, liquid-crystal mixtures containing them, and their use in electrooptical devices
1989: Liquid-crystal mixtures and their electrooptical applications
1989: Material properties, structural relations with molecular ensembles and electrooptical performance of new bicyclohexane liquid crystals in field-effect liquid crystal displays
1989: Optically active diesters, liquid-crystal mixtures containing them, and their use for electrooptical purposes
1989: Orientational ordering of phenylcyclohexane-based liquid crystals determined from carbon-13 2D NMR spectroscopy
1989: The history of the liquid crystal display and liquid crystal material technology
1990: Alkoxymethyl- and alkenyloxymethylcyclohexanes for liquid-crystal display devices
1990: New liquid crystal polarized color projection principle
1990: Orientational ordering in the nematic phase of 4-alkenyl-substituted bicyclohexylnitriles
1990: Phenylpyridines, liquid-crystal mixtures containing them, and their use for electrooptical purposes
1990: Synergisms, structure-material relations and display performance of novel fluorinated alkenyl liquid crystals
1991: Alkynyl-substituted liquid crystal materials, their preparation, and their use
1991: Chiral dioxanes, liquid crystal mixtures containing them, and the use of the mixtures for optical or electrooptical applications
1991: Novel supertwisted nematic liquid-crystal-display operating modes and electro-optical performance of generally twisted nematic configurations
1991: Preparation of [(alkenyldioxanyl)cyclohexyl]halobenzenes as liquid crystals
1991: Preparation of [[(chlorophenyl)cyclohexyl]cyclohexyl]alkenes as liquid crystals
1991: Preparation of trans 5'-alkyl-2-(2-phenylpyridin-5-yl)1,3-dioxanes as liquid crystals
1991: Structure of optically active compounds and ferroelectric properties of liquid crystals
1991: The crystal and molecular structures of two 4-alkenyl-substituted bicyclohexylnitriles
1992: Comparison of Electrooptic Properties of PDLC Containing Different Liquid Crystals
1992: Halogenated alkenyl compounds, liquid-crystal mixtures containing them, and their use for electrooptical purposes
1992: Liquid Crystal Materials, Electro-Optical Effects and Surface Interactions: Their Application in Present and Future Devices
1992: Liquid-crystal compounds with terminal 1-alkynylgroups, mixtures containing them, and their use in electrooptical devices
1992: Optical element for generating short-wave laser light
1992: Organic compounds incorporating four rings, liquid - crystal mixtures containing them, and their use
1992: Preparation of 1-(alkoxyalkyl)-4-(chlorophenyl)cyclohexanes and analogs as liquid crystal components
1992: Preparation of 4-cyano-3-fluorophenyl esters as liquid crystals
1992: Strongly Nonlinear Optical Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals for Frequency Doubling
1992: Surface-induced parallel alignment of liquid crystals by linearly polymerized photopolymers
1992: The efficient optics of liquid crystal polarized color projection
1993: 3,4-Difluorophenyl-substituted bicyclohexyls and liquid-crystal mixtures containing them
1993: Fluorobenzonitriles, liquid-crystal mixtures containing them, and their preparation and use
1993: Halovinyl derivatives, liquid-crystal mixtures containing them, and their use in electrooptical devices
1993: Linear and non-linear liquid crystal materials, electrooptical effects and surface interactions: their application in present and future devices
1993: Liquid crystals in information technology
1993: Methods for disinclination-free orientation of liquid crystals
1993: Preparation of fluorotolans as liquid crystal components
1993: Preparation of oriented photopolymers using polarized light
1993: method for disinclination-free planar orientation of chiral liquid crystalline side chain polymers and devices employing oriented films of the polymers
1994: Acetylene derivatives and liquid crystalline mixtures containing them
1994: Cyclohexyl alkenoates as components for liquid crystalline mixtures
1994: Fluoro-substituted phenylcyclohexylacetylenes and liquid-crystal mixtures containing them
1994: Fluoro-substituted tolan derivatives and liquid-crystal mixtures and devices containing them
1994: Liquid-crystal compounds having chlorodifluoromethoxyphenyl end groups, mixtures containing them, and their use for optical or electrooptical purposes
1994: Orientation layers for liquid crystals
1994: Physics and electronic model of deformed helix ferroelectric liquid crystal displays
1995: Liquid crystals with a chlorovinyl side chain. Effect of structural variations on the dielectric anisotropy
1995: New nematics incorporating a 2,6-difluorophenylacetylene group
1995: Optically active tolan derivatives, their preparation, liquid-crystal mixtures containing them, and use of the mixtures in optical and electrooptical devices
1995: Orientational ordering of liquid crystals containing a difluoro-substituted phenyl ring
1995: Photo-generation of linearly polymerized liquid crystal aligning layers comprising novel, integrated optically patterned retarders and color filters
1995: Photocurable liquid crystals and their use in optical devices
1995: Photoinduced alignment and patterning of hybrid liquid crystalline polymer films on single substrates
1996: Optical patterning of multi-domain liquid-crystal displays with wide viewing angles
1996: Optically structured liquid crystal displays with a wide point-of-view range
1996: Performance of Conventional and Novel Deformed Helix Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Display Operating Modes
1996: Photo cross-linkable liquid crystals
1996: Polarization converters based on liquid crystal devices
1996: Preparation of phenyl 4-[(E)-alk-2-enoyloxy]benzoates as liquid crystal components
1996: Some studies on liquid crystals incorporating three membered linking units combined with 1,3 linked rings
1997: Enhancement of second-harmonic generation by helicoidal distributed feedback action in a ferroelectric smectic C* liquid crystal using two counter-propagating fundamental waves
1997: Entrepreneur acquires Rolic Ltd from F. Hoffman-La Roche
1997: Ferroelectric liquid crystal display with improved wide viewing angles
1997: Liquid crystal materials and liquid crystal displays
1997: Recent advances in LPP-photoalignment of liquid crystals applied to the phase retarder image of Alfred Saupe
1998: Bistable ferroelectric liquid crystal cell
1998: Ferroelectric liquid crystal cell
1998: Image display device
1998: Liquid crystal cell comprising controlled anchoring plate and process for fabricating this plate
1998: New ferroelectric displays and operation modes
1999: Liquid crystal orientation layers
1999: Optical component, orientation layer, and layerable polymerizable mixture
1999: Optical identification element
1999: Polarization dependent enhancement of second-harmonic generation by distributed feedback cavity action in a helicoidal ferroelectric liquid crystal cell
2000: Corrugations on the Free Surface of Nematic Liquid Crystal Layers
2000: Determination of director distributions in liquid crystal polymer-films by means of generalized anisotropic ellipsometry
2000: Liquid-crystal display device with improved viewing angle
2000: Optical LPP/LCP devices: a new generation of optical security elements
2000: Orientation layer for liquid-crystal display device
2001: Liquid crystal displays and novel optical thin films enabled by photoalignment
2001: Optical polymer thin films with isotropic and anisotropic nano-corrugated surface topologies
2002: Nematic liquid crystal electrooptical element and device
2002: Polarizing film
2003: Nano- and Micro-Corrugations in Photo-Aligned Polymer Thin-Films; Correlations Between Topologies and Directional Light Scattering
2003: Photoaligned bistable twisted nematic liquid crystal displays
2004: Thin films with corrugated surface topologies and producing them


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