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Scaldin, O.A.


Akhmetshin, O.G.;   Baimakova, O.A.;   Batyrshin, E.S.;   Buka, Ágnes;   Börzsönyi, T.;   Chuvyrov, A.N.;   Delev, V.A.;   Hertrich, A.;   Kramer, L.;   Krekhov, A.P.;   Lebedev, Y.A.;   Lebedev, Yu.A.;   Muljukov, B.H.;   Selezneva, O.A.

Publication Titles

1992: Local Rotation of Director at the Auto-Waves in LC
1992: Spatiotemporal Analysis of the Domain Structures in the Nonstationary Electrohydrodynamic Instability of Nematic Liquid Crystal in a DC-Electric Field
1994: The electrohydrodynamic instability in twisted nematic liquid crystals
1995: Electrohydrodynamics of hybrid aligned nematics
1995: Switching effect and local conductivity in thin films of polydiphenylenephthalide
1995: The orientational instability of nematic homeotropic layers under oscillatory shear
1998: Pattern formation in homeotropic nematic induced by mechanical rectilinear and elliptical oscillatory excitation
1999: Pattern formation in EHC of planar nematic layer with cylindrical director field configuration
1999: Two mode of domain oscillations in electrohydrodynamic convection of nematic liquid crystal
2000: Director Precession and Nonlinear Waves in Nematic Liquid Crystals under Elliptic Shear
2006: Structure and dynamics of the Frenkel-Kontorova dislocations in electroconvection in liquid crystals


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