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Abeygunaratne, Sugat;   Armitage, D.;   Arora, S.L.;   Arora, Sardari L.;   Bajc, J.;   Boonbrahm, P.;   Brown, G.H.;   Chang, H.;   Chen, Xin-Hua;   Chidichimo, G.;   Chien, L.-C.;   Coppola, L.;   Diele, Siegmar;   Doane, J. William;   Dreher, R.;   Englert, A.;   Englert, E.;   Englert, G.;   Englert, Gerhard;   Fergason, J.L.;   Fergason, James L.;   Gault, J.D.;   Giocondo, M.;   Guidone Peroli, G.;   Hauser, A.;   Hauser, Anton;   Haven, T.;   Haven, Tom;   Heppke, Gerd;   Hillig, G.;   Holzbach, R.T.;   Hui, Y.W.;   Imbardelli, D.;   Janossy, I.;   Johnson, David;   Jákli, Antal;   Kanekar, C.R.;   Khetrapal, C.L.;   Kim, D.-R.;   Kim, Du-Rim;   Krüerke, Daniel;   Kumar, S.;   Kumar, Satyendra;   Kunwar, A.C.;   Kuzma, M.;   Kuzma, M.R.;   Kuzma, Michael R.;   La Mesa, C.;   Letko, I.;   Lischka, Christiane;   Liu, J.;   Longeri, M.;   Madey, Richard;   Maier, Wilhelm;   Markscheffel, S.;   Martin, Anna J.;   Meier, G.;   Meier, Gerhard;   Melnik, G.;   Nagle, Darragh E.;   Nehring, Jürgen;   Olszewski, M.F.;   Pak, S.S.;   Pak, Sung-Sik;   Pelzl, G.;   Photinos, P.;   Photinos, P.J.;   Photinos, Panagoitis J.;   Photinos, Panos;   Plumley, S.;   Plumley, Sulakshana;   Povh, Anna;   Radley, Keith;   Ranieri, G.A.;   Rosenblatt, C.;   Schadt, M.;   Scharf, T.;   Scherowsky, Günter;   Schuster, T.M.;   Sengupta, Papiya;   Sharma, B.B.;   Shenouda, I.G.;   Shin, S.;   Spiesecke, H.;   Stefanov, M.;   Taylor, T.R.;   Thieme, M.;   Thieme, Mario;   Tóth-Katona, T.;   Virga, E.G.;   Weber, Jean Paul;   Wedler, W.;   Weissflog, C.;   Weissflog, W.;   Xu, S.-Y.;   Xu, Shou-Yi;   Yeh, H.J.;   Yu, L.-J.;   Zhou, E.;   Zhu, Y.K.;   Žumer, Slobodan

Publication Titles

1956: Investigations with plane-polarized ultraviolet on the solid, the crystalline-liquid, and normal liquid phase of p,p'-azoxyanisole. I. Experimental
1957: Clear point and anisotropy of the molecular polarization of liquid-crystalline substances.
1957: Electron transitions in the near ultraviolet range of azoxybenzene and some of its para derivatives
1958: A simple molecular theory of the nematic crystalline-liquid state
1959: A simple molecular statistical theory of the nematic crystalline-liquid phase. I
1960: A simple molecular-statistical theory of the nematic crystalline-liquid phase. II
1960: Bending elasticity of the nematic phase of azoxyanisole
1960: Temperature dependence and magnitude of the deformation constant of nematic liquids
1961: Methods for the determination of the degree of order in nematic liquid-crystal layers. The degree of order of azoxyanisole
1963: High-Resolution Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectra of Orientated Molecules
1963: Ultraviolet investigations of stilbene, benzalaniline, azobenzene, azoxybenzene, and some liquid crystalline alkoxy derivatives
1964: High-resolution proton resonance spectra with direct magnetic dipole-dipole interaction. II
1964: Nuclear (magnetic) resonances in liquid crystals and in liquid-crystal solutions
1965: Das Protonenresonanzspektrum von orientiertem Benzol in nematisch-kristallinflüssiger Lösung
1966: Dielectric Relaxation in Nematic Liquid Crystals
1966: Liquid Crystals
1966: Proton Magnetic Resonance Spectra of Oriented Molecules: Acetylenic Compounds, Acetonitrile and Methanol
1966: The average orientation of solute molecules in nematic liquid crystals by proton magnetic resonance measurements and orientation dependent intermolecular forces
1967: Determination of bond angle of methyl groups by proton magnetic resonance in nematic liquid crystalline solutions
1968: Proton magnetic resonance spectra of orientated molecules. Acetylene compounds
1968: Recent results in the field of liquid crystals
1969: Liquid-crystal polymorphism in bis(4-n-alkoxybenzal)-1,4-phenylenediamines
1969: Molecular Geometry of Acetonitrile, Determined by Proton Magnetic Resonance in Nematic Solutions
1969: Molecular structure and physical properties of thermotropic liquid crystals
1969: Orientation studies on fluorobenzenes in nematic liquid crystals by N.M.R.
1970: Anisotropies of the fluorine-19 chemical shifts in fluorobenzene compounds from NMR in liquid crystals
1970: The NMR Spectra of Oriented I, I-Difluoroethylene, and Tetrafluoroethylene
1970: Two liquid crystal phases with nematic morphology in laterally substituted phenylenediamine derivatives
1971: Elastic theory of uniaxial liquid crystals
1971: Extended Debye theory for dielectric relaxations in nematic liquid crystals
1971: Selective reflection by cholesteric liquid crystals
1971: Structure of .pi.-methylcyclopentadienylmanganese tricarbonyl as determined from PMR studies in the nematic phase
1972: Calculation of the elastic constants of nematic liquid crystals
1972: NMR spectra of bicyclic compounds oriented in the nematic phase. II. Spectrum of phthalazine
1972: PMR spectra of butadiene sulfone in isotropic and liquid crystalline media
1972: Schlieren texture in nematic and smectic liquid crystals
1972: Ultraviolet, infrared, and magnetic resonance spectroscopy on liquid crystals
1973: Disclinations and properties of the directorfield in nematic and cholesteric liquid crystals
1973: Liquid Crystals in Human Bile
1973: Liquid crystals
1973: Proton magnetic resonance studies of methylmercuric halides in isotropic and nematic liquid crystal solutions
1973: Ring puckering vibrations in trimethylene oxide and trimethylene sulfide as studied by PMR spectroscopy in a liquid crystalline medium
1974: Bend-shear-mode instabilities of nematic liquid crystals in a.c. fields
1974: Effects of the passage of ionizing particles through a liquid crystal
1974: Statistical theories of nematic liquid crystals
1975: NMR spectra of bicyclic compounds oriented in the nematic phase. Part III: the spectrum of benzo(b)thiophene
1976: Mean-field study of uniaxial smectic liquid crystals with polarized layers
1976: The measurement of proton-proton dipolar coupling for the ammonium ion using high resolution NMR
1977: Structure and conformation of N,p-chlorophenylmaleimide in a nematic solvent by proton magnetic resonance
1977: Textures, deformations, and structural order of liquid crystals
1977: Undulation instabilities in smectic C phases
1978: Cholesteric states of micellar solutions
1978: The structure of lyotropic nematic decylammoniumchloride and bromide systems by PMR of monomethyltin complexes and by microscopic studies
1979: An extension of the Lennard-Jones and Devonshire model to liquid crystalline phases
1979: Angular Dependence of Absorption in Cholesteric Films and the Contrast of Dichroic Display Devices
1979: Critical analysis of the cluster integral approach to the nematic state
1980: Absorption in cholesteric films and contrast of dichroic liquid crystal displays
1980: Amphiphilic nematic and cholesteric phases
1980: Liquid crystalline phases of the sodium decylsulfate/decanol/water system. Nematic-nematic and cholesteric-cholesteric phase transitions
1980: Observation of a biaxial nematic phase in potassium laurate-1-decanol-water mixtures
1980: Undulation Instabilities in Nematic-cholesteric Transitions
1981: Bend and splay elastic constants and the rotational viscosity of nematic decylammonium chloride and ammonium chloride water mixtures
1981: Calculation of the electric conductivity of the hexagonal lyotropic mesophase
1981: Elastic and flow properties of biaxial nematics
1981: Refractive index and deuterium resonance measurements on nematic decylammonium chloride, ammonium chloride, water mixtures
1981: Resistivity measurements on aligned amphiphilic liquid crystalline states
1981: Transmission and Reflection of Polarized Light on Absorbing Cholesteric Liquid Crystal Films in the Grandjean Texture
1982: Deuteron resonance of water-d2 of nematic disodium cromoglycate-water systems
1982: Linewidth analysis of the proton resonance spectrum of benzene in a nematic solution
1982: Structure of Reflection Bands of Grandjean Textures
1983: Biaxial nematic phases in amphiphilic systems
1983: Effects of salt on the orientational order in decylammonium chloride/ammonium chloride/water systems
1983: Model calculations on the electric conductivity of the Nc phase
1983: Physical Properties of Micellar Nematics
1983: Structure of reflection bands of Grandjean textures
1984: A direct observation of the switch-over transition in mixed liquid crystals of opposite diamagnetic anisotropies
1984: Anisotropy of the Electric Conductivity in Amphiphilic Liquid Crystals
1984: Calculations on the electric conductivity of a lyotropic mesophase with perforated lamellae
1984: Cluster integral expansion of the Cotton-Mouton constant in suspensions
1984: Critical behavior of uniaxial-biaxial nematic phase transitions in amphiphilic systems
1984: Density and susceptibility measurements on a micellar nematic system
1984: Dynamics of benzene dissolved in a nematic mesophase
1984: Micellar nematic liquid crystals
1984: Nematic states in micellar systems of mixed composition
1984: On the structure and the physical properties of micellar nematics
1984: Physical Properties and Order in Nematic Liquid Crystals
1986: Diffusion measurements in aligned nematic and smectic amphiphilic liquid crystalline decylammonium chloride and ammonium chloride water mixtures
1986: Electric conductivity measurements on the nematic states of a micellar solution of potassium laurate/1-decanol/water-d2
1986: Measurements of the conductivity and relaxation times for the micellar nematic phase of the system ammonium perfluorononanoate/water
1986: The electric conductivity of the lamellar smectic, the micellar nematic, and the isotropic micellar solution of ammonium perfluorononanoate in water
1987: Magnetic birefringence study of isotropic suspensions of tobacco mosaic virus
1987: Micellar Cholesteric States
1987: Microscopic textures of micellar cholesteric liquid crystals
1988: Conformation of ethylene glycol dissolved in a nematic-lyotropic solution: an NMR analysis
1988: Critical properties of the uniaxial-biaxial transition in micellar nematic phases
1988: Curvature elasticity and rotational viscosity of the nematic decylammonium chloride system
1988: Structure of the lamellar lyomesophase in water/ammonium perfluorononanoate mixtures: PFG NMR and deuteron NMR investigations
1989: Landau point on a nematic-isotropic transition line
1989: Measurements of density and expansion coefficient for the nematic, lamellar smectic, and isotropic phase of micellar systems
1989: Relaxation Processes and Viscosities of Micellar Nematics
1990: Experimental study of the micellar nematic phase of tetradecyltrimethylammonium bromide
1990: Properties of the Nematic-Isotropic Transition near the Landau Point
1990: Rotational viscosities of nematic sodium decyl sulfate, 1-decanol, heavy water mixtures
1990: Slow relaxation effects at the second-order nematic to lamellar smectic phase transition in micellar liquid crystals
1990: Workshop amphotrope Flüssigkristalle
1991: Linear electromechanical effect in a smectic C* polymer liquid crystal
1991: Measurements of electric conductivity and reorientation times for the cesium perfluorooctanoate-water-d2 micellar system
1991: Micellar structures in lyotropic liquid crystals and phase transitions
1991: Microscopic Studies on Defects in Uniaxial and Biaxial Micellar Nematics
1991: Rotational viscosities of polymer solutions in a low-molecular-weight nematic liquid crystal
1992: Conduction Induced Reorientation of a Smectic C* Liquid Crystal
1992: Confinement effects induced by a solubilized polymer on the micellar nematic-lamellar transition
1992: Effect of Poly(ethyleneoxide) on the Viscous Properties on the Liquid Crystalline States of an Anionic Surfactant
1992: Effect of a polymer network on the alignment and the rotational viscosity of a nematic liquid crystal
1992: Electromechanical Response of Chiral Smectic C Liquid Crystals
1992: Electromechanical Responses of SC* Liquid Crystal Films with Bookshelf Textures
1992: Electrooptic effects in smectic A phase
1992: Measurements of the Density Change at the Nematic-Isotropic Phase Transition of Cesium Perfluoro- Octanoate Water Solutions
1992: Method to obtain uniform bookshelf textures in smectic-C* liquid crystals
1992: Polymer Induced Confinement Effects on a Lyotropic Nematic-Lamellar Transition
1992: Spontaneous transition from chevron to striped texture of a planar smectic-C* liquid crystal
1992: The Effect of Polymer Network on the Rotational Viscosity of Nematic Liquid Crystal
1992: Uniform Bookshelf Textures in Smectic C* Liquid Crystals
1993: Der Einfluß von PEO auf Phasenübergänge in mizellaren Lösungen
1993: Side-chain liquid crystalline polysiloxanes containing a cyanohydrin chiral center
1993: The role of Goldstone mode and electroclinic effects in electromech. responses of chiral smectic C liquid crystals
1994: Electrically Induced Texture Transformation in S{\sub C}* Liquid Crystals
1994: Electrically induced uniform planar alignment of S{\sub C} liquid crystals on homeotropically treated plates
1994: Method of preparing thin liquid crystal films
1994: Method of producing a homogeneously aligned chiral smectic c liquid crystal having homeotropic alignment layers
1995: Field Induced Transitions Betwwen Chiral-Smectic States
1995: Mechanical vibrations of smectic cells under fast field reversal
1995: Reliefs of Liquid Crystal Surfaces and the Influence of Defects
1996: A new high temperature mesophase of a double-swallow-tailed compound with weak optical anisotropy
1996: Dielectric properties of ferroelectric liquid crystals
1996: Electro-Optical Properties of Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals with Weak Surface Anchoring
1996: Field-induced thickness change of ferroelectric liquid crystal films
1996: Helix deformation and bistable switching of ferroelectric liquid crystals
1996: The temperature dependence of the anchoring energy threshold of FLC cells with weak surface anchoring
1997: Determination of K{\sub 11}, K{\sub 33} and {\f1 d} {\sub 1} of a Discotic Micellar Liquid Crystal by Conductivity Measurements
1997: Determination of elastic constants and rotational viscosity of micellar liquid crystals by conductivity measurements
1997: Indication of ferroelectricity in columnar mesophases of pyramidic molecules
1997: Structural Relaxation of Nematic Liquid Crystals in Cylindrical Capillaries
1997: Structure and phase transitions of amphiphilic lyotropic liquid crystals
1997: Surface Patterns of Cholesteric Liquid Crystal Glasses by Scanning Force Microscopy
1997: Surface-imaging of frozen blue phases in a discotic liquid crystal with atomic force microscopy
1997: The effects of polyethylene oxide on the curvature elasticity of micellar nematic cesium perfluorooctanoate water mixtures
1997: Uniform bookshelf alignment of chiral smectic C films with guided backflow
1998: Orientational capillary pressure on a nematic point defect
2000: Helical filamentary growth in liquid crystals consisting of banana-shaped molecules
2000: Tilted smectic layers of a SmC* liquid crystal between homeotropically treated plates
2001: Viscoelastic director rotation of a low molecular mass liquid crystal
2002: Piezoelectricity of a ferroelectric liquid crystal with a glass transition
2002: Rheological and Piezoelectric Studies of a Glassy Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal
2006: The divergence terms in the continuum theory of nematic liquid crystals


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