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Sarkisyan, A.G.


Arutyunyan, S.O.;   Aslanyan, V.M.;   Barkhudaryan, V.G.;   Bunatyan, G.G.;   Chistyakov, I.G.;   Garibyan, L.M.;   Khanamiryan, L.A.;   Minasyants, M.Kh.;   Oganesyan, A.S.;   Oganesyan, R.S.;   Sarkisyan, G.M.;   Shaginyan, A.A.;   Zakharyan, V.A.

Publication Titles

1977: X-ray structure study of the liquid crystalline structure of the sodium pentadecylsulfonate-water system
1979: X-ray diffraction study of the effect of sodium chloride concentration on the structure of a mixed lyotropic liquid crystal consisting of molecules of amphiphile and water-soluble polymer
1980: X-ray analysis of polymeric amphiphilic liquid crystals
1980: X-ray diffraction determination of the localization of n-dodecyl mercaptan and aliphatic alcohols in liquid-crystalline phases of ionic surfactants
1981: X-ray diffraction study of solubilization of o-xylene and ethylbenzene in the lamellar liquid crystalline phase of the sodium pentadecanesulfonate-water system
1986: Polarization-microscopic investigation of liquid-crystal phases of the system sodium pentadecylsulfonate-water system
1987: Structural characteristics of the oxamine-water liquid-crystal system
1991: Molecular and super-molecular structure changes in the sodium pentadecylsulfonate-water system as a function of the polymer molecular weight


Izv. Akad. Nauk Arm. SSR, Fiz., 12, 209
Kolloidn. Zh., 42, 1196
Kolloidn. Zh., 42, 778
Kolloidn. Zh., 43, 361
Kolloidn. Zh., 49, 597
Kolloidn. Zh., 53, 830
Kristallografiya, 24, 864
Kristallografiya, 31, 126

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