Index Name

Sarkissyan, A.Ts.

Alternative Writings

Sarkissyan, A.T..

Similar Names

Sarkissyan, A.T.;   Sarkisyan, A.Ts.


Abrahamyan, E.B.;   Bagdasaryan, Z.V.;   Baghdasaryan, Z.V.;   Bezhanova, L.S.;   Vartanyan, K.K.;   Yailoyan, S.M.;   Yayloyan, S.M.

Publication Titles

1994: Calculation of the thermodynamic function of some liquid crystals by the Monte-Carlo method
1998: Molecular mechanism of smectization of nematic liquid crystal binary mixtures
1998: Spontaneous polarization of some ferroelectric liquid crystal systems
1999: Investigation of phase transitions in some liquid crystal systems of smectic matrixes with chiral additives

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