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Sancho, J.M.

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Sancho, José M.


Alonso, S.;   Bena, I.;   Bena, Ioana;   Buceta, J.;   Carrillo, O.;   Casademunt, J.;   García-Ojalvo, J.;   Ibañes, M.;   Lacasta, A.M.;   Lindenberg, K.;   Lindenberg, Katja;   Ramírez-Piscina, L.;   Romero, A.H.;   Sagués, F.;   Saxena, A.;   Saxena, Avadh;   Sokolov, I.M.;   Tsironis, G.P.

Publication Titles

1992: A nonequilibrium phase transition with colored noise
2002: Coherence and anticoherence resonance tuned by noise
2002: Interaction of a discrete breather with a lattice junction
2003: Confinement of discrete breathers in inhomogeneously profiled nonlinear chains
2003: Intrinsic noise-induced phase transitions: Beyond the noise interpretation
2003: Noise-driven mechanism for pattern formation
2004: From subdiffusion to superdiffusion of particles on solid surfaces
2004: Modelization of surface diffusion of a molecular dimer
2004: Suppression of scroll wave turbulence by noise


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