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Samori, B.

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Samori, Bruno


Albertini, G.;   Angeloni, A.S.;   Bendazzoli, G.L.;   Bustamante, C.J.;   Domini Pellerano, I.;   Ferruti, Paolo;   Finzi, L.;   Folli, U.;   Forni, A.;   Gale, R.;   Gottarelli, G.;   Grasso, D.;   Hall, K.B.;   Heeks, S.K.;   Hibert, M.;   Lodi, A.;   Luckhurst, Geoffrey R.;   Maccagnani, G.;   Maestre, M.F.;   Marconi, G.;   Mariani, P.;   Marzocchi, S.;   Masiero, S.;   Mattivi, F.;   Melone, S.;   Mongelli, N.;   Moretti, I.;   Mosini, V.;   Nicoletti, R.;   Palmieri, P.;   Peacock, P.D.;   Peacock, R.D.;   Poeti, G.;   Rossi, A.;   Rustichelli, F.;   Solladie, G.;   Spada, G.P.;   Stremmenos, C.;   Timimi, B.A.;   Tinoco, I.;   Torquati, G.;   Torre, G.;   Ussery, D.W.;   Wells, K.S.;   Zani, P.;   de Maria, P.

Publication Titles

1975: Induction of a cholesteric mesophase in a nematic liquid crystal by some optically active alcohols. Possible method for the correlation of configurations
1976: A model for the induction of a cholesteric mesophase in nematic MBBA by the addition of optically active 1-phenylethanol
1976: The linear dichroism spectra of free base and manganese(III) porphyrins
1977: Linear dichroism of organic molecules in electrically oriented liquid crystal matrixes
1977: The linear dichroism in a liquid crystalline matrix of 2,4,6-trimethyl pyridine N-oxide. Evidence for out-of-plane components of the absorbed intensity in the region 270-350 nm
1979: Induction of cholesteric mesophases in nematic liquid crystals by some optically active sulfoxides: relationship between the absolute configurations, the dimensions of the substituents and the handness of the induced mesophases
1980: Applications of liquid crystals in chemistry
1981: Induced optical activity and liquid crystal linear dichroism of 9,9'-spiro-bi[9H-fluorene]
1983: Applications of modulated liquid crystal-linear dichroism (l.c.-l.d.) to spectro- and stereochemical problems. - Part 3
1983: Induction of cholesteric mesophases in nematic liquid crystals, and correlation of absolute configurations of some chiral oxiranes and thiiranes
1983: Liquid crystalline catalysis. 3. Monomolecular rearrangements of terpene derivatives in liquid crystalline solvents
1983: Reactivity in smectic liquid crystals. Rearrangement of MSE induced by the smectic B mesophase of ZLI 1544
1984: Aromatic guest molecules in magnetically aligned lyotropic liquid crystal: a study by the modulated linear dichroism technique
1984: Circular intensity differential scattering of cholesteric and blue mesophases
1984: Liquid crystalline catalysis reactivity in smectic liquid crystals
1984: Liquid crystalline catalysis. Part 4. Liquid crystalline catalysis by smectic B solvents transparent to near-UV radiation
1987: Reactivity within smectic B liquid crystalline phases
1988: Liquid crystalline catalysis by smectic B solvents: structure and thermodynamical properties of the reactant solution
1988: Reactivity control in liquid crystalline ordered systems: orientational information by linear dichroism
1989: Linear dichroism studies of the complexes between CT-DNA and distamycins
1989: Searching for asymmetric inductions in chiral smectic mesophases
1990: Preparation and electron microscopy of liquid crystalline condensates of DNA
1993: Chemical reactivity within a smectic B liquid crystalline phase: a model of enzyme catalysis?


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