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Sagues, F.

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Sagués, F.

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Sagues, Francesc;   Sagués, Francesc


Abad, E.;   Albalat, R.;   Alonso, S.;   Arias, F.;   Bees, M.A.;   Burriel, P.;   Claret, J.;   Crusats, J.;   Cáceres, M.O.;   Ignes-Mullol, J.;   Ignés-Mullol, J.;   Kähler, Ralf;   Lacasta, A.M.;   Martinez-Seara, H.;   Mikhailov, A.S.;   Pons, A.J.;   Reigada, R.;   San Miguel, M.;   Sancho, J.M.;   Torrent, M.C.

Publication Titles

1985: Dynamics of Fréedericksz transition in a fluctuating magnetic field
1986: Transient dynamics of orientational fluctuations in the Freedericksz transition
1987: Dynamics of transient pattern formation in nematic liquid crystals
1988: Dynamics of orientational fluctuations in a homeotropic Fréedericksz transition under a rotating magnetic field
1988: Dynamics of transient domain structures in nematic liquid crystals: The splay Fréedericksz transition
1988: Field induced pattern formation in nematic liquid crystals
1988: Fréedericksz transition in a periodic magnetic field
1988: Nonlinear effects in the dynamics of transient pattern formation in nematics
1989: Transient patterns in nematic liquid crystals: Domain-wall dynamics
1990: Metastability and front propagation in the first-order optical Fréedericksz transition
1991: Spatial patterns mediated by subcritical and supercritical thermal fluctuations in the splay Fréedericksz transition
2002: Coherence and anticoherence resonance tuned by noise
2004: Chemoconvection patterns in the methylene-blue-glucose system: Weakly nonlinear analysis
2004: Expanding scroll rings and negative tension turbulence in a model of excitable media
2004: Orientational structures in confined smectic-C domains in Langmuir monolayers
2004: Suppression of scroll wave turbulence by noise
2006: Travelling waves in two-dimensional smectic-C domains
2007: Plastic flow regimes in Langmuir monolayers


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