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Saez, Isabel M.

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Saez, I.M.;   Saez, Isabel


Auzely-Velty, Rachel;   Belaissaoui, Abdelhak;   Benvegnu, Thierry;   Bourgun, Philippe;   Brandmueller, Torsten;   Campidelli, Stephane;   Carlmark, Anna;   Cowling, Stephen J.;   Cozquer, Guirac;   Deschenaux, Robert;   Draper, Michael;   Eng, Carine;   Furrer, Julien;   Gasowska, Julita S.;   Goodby, John W.;   Guintchin, Boris;   Görtz, Verena;   Hall, Alan W.;   Hird, Michael;   Hirsch, Andreas;   Hult, Anders;   Lee, Seung-Eun;   Lewis, Robert A.;   MacDonald, Robert A.;   Mackenzie, Grahame;   Malmstroem, Eva;   Mehl, Georg H.;   Plusquellec, Daniel;   Raynes, E. Peter;   Richardson, Robert M.;   Sia, Susan;   Sinn, Ekkehard;   Stoeckli-Evans, Helen;   Styring, Peter;   Toyne, Kenneth J.;   Tuffin, Rachel P.;   Vaschenko, Valerij;   Watson, Paul;   Westlund, Robert

Publication Titles

1996: Oligo(siloxane) rings and cages possessing nickel-containing liquid crystal side chains
1997: Synthesis and liquid crystalline phase behavior of a novel metallomesogenic side chain liquid crystal polymer free from crosslinking
1998: Liquid crystals with restricted molecular topologies: supermolecules and supramolecular assemblies
1998: The effect of low molecular weight organosiloxane substituents on mesophase formation and structure in nonsymmetric nickel(II) complexes
1999: Polyhedral liquid crystal silsesquioxanes
1999: Supermolecular liquid crystal dendrimers based on the octasilsesquioxane core
2001: A liquid - crystalline silsesquioxane dendrimer exhibiting chiral nematic and columnar mesophases
2001: Chiral nematic octasilsesquioxanes
2002: Dichotomous Molecular Architectures I: Non-Symmetrical Tetrameric Liquid Crystals
2002: Dichotomous Molecular Architectures II: Liquid Crystal Materials with Segregated Hemispheres
2003: "Janus" supermolecular liquid crystals-giant molecules with hemispherical architectures
2003: Design and properties of "Janus-like" supermolecular liquid crystals
2003: Functional polypedes-chiral nematic fullerenes
2003: Segregated liquid crystalline dendritic supermolecules - multipedes based on pentaerythritol scaffolds
2004: Complex Liquid Crystals - Big is Beautiful
2005: Supermolecular liquid crystals
2006: An optically-active liquid-crystalline hexa-adduct of [60]fullerene which displays supramolecular helical organization
2007: Grafting liquid crystalline polymers from cellulose substrates using atom transfer radical polymerization
2008: Report on the symposium 'Liquid Crystal Micro- and Nano-Composites'
2008: Transmission and amplification of information and properties in nanostructured liquid crystals
2009: Molecular complexity and the control of self-organising processes
2010: Core chirality based tailoring of the liquid crystalline properties of supermolecular tetrapedes
2010: Diastereoisomerically Pure Fulleropyrrolidines as Chiral Platforms for the Design of Optically Active Liquid Crystals


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