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Russo, Paul S.

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Russo, P.S.;   Russo, Paul


Barkley, Mary D.;   Baylis, Michael;   Blum, Frank D.;   Bu, Zimei;   Cao, Tin;   Cush, Randall C.;   Daly, William H.;   Doucet, Garrett;   Fong, Brian;   Jamil, Tahir;   Mustafa, Mazidah B.;   Nakamatsu, Javier;   Negulescu, Ioan;   Negulescu, Ioan I.;   Poche, Drew;   Poche, Drew S.;   Ricks, Holly;   Sohn, Daewon;   Stryjewski, Wieslaw;   Temyanko, Elena;   Tipton, Debbie;   Tipton, Debbie L.;   Turksen, Sibel;   Yu, Hyuk

Publication Titles

1988: Phase behavior in a ternary rod/coil/solvent system: poly(γ-benzyl α,L-glutamate)/nylon 6/m-cresol
1992: Side-chain crystallinity and thermal transitions in thermotropic liquid-crystalline poly(.gamma.-alkyl-.alpha.,L-glutamates)
1992: Synthesis and properties of rodlike polypeptide stars
1993: Dye diffusion in isotropic and liquid - crystalline aqueous ( hydroxypropyl)cellulose
1993: Polymeric rigid rod/flexible coil molecular blends
1994: Rigid rod star polymers derived from .gamma.-stearyl {\f1 a}-L-Glutamate
1994: Self-Diffusion of Rodlike Polymers in Isotropic Solutions
1996: Monolayer properties of a fuzzy rod polymer: Poly(gamma-stearyl .alpha., L-glutamate)
1999: Self-diffusion of a semiflexible polymer measured across the lyotropic liquid-crystalline-phase boundary
2001: Study of Rodlike Homopolypeptides by Gel Permeation Chromatography with Light Scattering Detection: Validity of Universal Calibration and Stiffness Assessment
2002: Self-Diffusion of a Rodlike Virus in the Isotropic Phase
2004: Colloidal Crystals of Silica-Homopolypeptide Composite Particles


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Mol. Cryst. Liq. Cryst., 157, 501
Polym. Prepr., 33 (1) 188
Polym. Prepr., 34 (1) 635

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