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Russell, T.P.

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Russell, Thomas P.


Anastasiadis, S.H.;   Anders, S.;   Ausserre, D.;   Borthwick, M.A.;   Brown, H.R.;   Cossy-Favre, A.;   Coulon, G.;   Depero, L.E.;   Diaz, J.;   Factor, B.J.;   Falus, P.;   Farmer, B.J.;   Grubb, D.T.;   Hammouda, B.;   Hanna, A.J.;   Hawker, C.J.;   Liu, Y.;   Majkrzak, C.F.;   Mayes, A.M.;   Menelle, A.;   Miller, R.D.;   Mochrie, S.G.;   Mochrie, S.G.J.;   Pollard, M.;   Rabolt, J.F.;   Rockford, L.;   Ruzette, A.-V.G.;   Samant, M.G.;   Satija, S.K.;   Stöhr, J.;   Toney, M.F.;   Tsui, O.K.C.;   Twieg, R.J.;   Viney, C.;   Xiang, H.

Publication Titles

1984: Structural studies of semifluorinated n-alkanes. 1. Synthesis and characterization of F(CF2)n(CH2)mH in the solid state
1986: Structural characterization of semifluorinated n-alkanes. 2. Solid-solid transition behavior
1987: X-ray studies on the deformation of an aromatic polyimide
1989: The structural basis of transitions between highly ordered smectic phases in semifluorinated alkanes
1989: Transitions to liquid crystalline phases in a semifluorinated alkane
1990: Interference microscopy on thin diblock copolymer films
1990: Liquid crystalline phases formed by iodine derivatives of semifluorinated alkanes
1991: Surface-induced ordering of an aromatic polyimide
1992: Ordering of thin diblock copolymer films
1995: Surface orientation of liquid crystalline poly(alkylsilanes)
1998: X-PEEM Study on Surface Orientation of Stylized and Rubbed Polyimides
2001: Effect of Interfacial Interactions on the Glass Transition of Polymer Thin Films
2001: Propagation of Nanopatterned Substrate Templated Ordering of Block Copolymers in Thick Films
2003: Pressure Effects on the Phase Behavior of Styrene/n-Alkyl Methacrylate Block Copolymers
2004: Symmetric-to-Asymmetric Transition in Triblock Copolymer-Homopolymer Blends


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