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Ruhmann, R.

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Ruhmann, Ralf


Anemian, R.;   Carius, H.-E.;   Fischer, T.;   Fischer, Th.;   Fritz, A.;   Gnauck, R.;   Jung, C.;   Kostromin, S.;   Kostromin, S.G.;   Kretzschmar, G.;   Leitner, M.B.;   Läsker, L.;   Läsker, Lutz;   Menner, A.;   Netopilik, M.;   Niklewski, A.;   Prescher, D.;   Reiss, S.;   Rodekirch, G.;   Rutloh, M.;   Rübner, J.;   Schönhals, A.;   Schönhals, Andreas;   Seeboth, A.;   Springer, J.;   Strehmel, V.;   Stumpe, J.;   Thiele, T.;   Thiele, Th.;   Wolff, D.;   Wöll, Christof;   Wühn, M.;   Ziegler, A.;   Zschuppe, V.

Publication Titles

1990: Characterization of phase transition in liquid crystals by voltaic potential difference
1990: Poly(methacryloyloxyalkoxybenzoic acid 4'-substituted anilides)
1994: Photochemically Induced Optical Anisotropy in Liquid Crystalline and Amorphous Polymers
1996: Photoorientation in amorphous and aligned films of photochromic liquid crystalline polymers
1997: 4th Int. Symp. Polym. Adv. Technol., Leipzig
1997: Competition and Amplification of Thermotropic Selforganization and Photoorientation in Liquid Crystalline Polymers
1997: Correlation of structure and dynamics of liquid-crystalline polymethacrylates having novel azobenzene groups in the side chain
1997: Dynamical behavior of amorphous comb-like copolymers having photochromic azobenzene in the side chain
1997: Molecular dynamics of liquid - crystalline side-group polymers with fluorine-containing azobenzene chromophores
1997: Photoaddressable polymers by structure variation in side group polymethacrylates
1999: A new redox-active liquid-crystalline copolymethacrylate with phenylazoanthraquinone side groups
2001: Bulk and Surface Investigation of Photooriented Polymer Films


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