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Roviello, A.

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Roviello, Antonio


Aiello, I.;   Amendola, E.;   Apicella, A.;   Auriemma, F.;   Bacilieri, A.;   Barra, G.;   Berti, C.;   Buglione, J.A.;   Buono, E.;   Capasso, R.;   Carfagna, C.;   Carotenuto, M.;   Caruso, U.;   Centore, R.;   Ciajolo, M.R.;   Corradini, P.;   Fresa, R.;   Ghedini, M.;   Guadagno, L.;   Hakemi, H.;   Hatfull, L.;   Iannelli, P.;   Immirzi, A.;   Maradei, M.V.;   Marianucci, E.;   Mormile, Pasquale;   Nicodemo, L.;   Nicolais, L.;   Panunzi, B.;   Petti, Lucia;   Pilati, F.;   Renzulli, A.;   Santagata, S.;   Sirigu, A.;   Spasiano, D.;   Troise, C.;   Tuzi, A.;   Vacatello, M.;   Villano, P.;   Vittoria, V.;   Zhou, Jun;   de Candia, F.

Publication Titles

1975: Mesophasic structures in polymers. Mesophases of some poly(alkanoates) of p,p'-dihydroxy-.alpha.,.alpha.'-dimethylbenzalazine
1976: Solid and liquid crystalline phases of aliphatic esters of 4,4'-dihydroxybenzalazine
1979: Mesophasic behavior of some polycarbonates of 4,4'-dihydroxy-.alpha.,.alpha.'-dimethylbenzalazine
1979: Mesophasic polymers. Copolyalkanoates of 4,4'-dihydroxy-.alpha.,.alpha.'-dimethylbenzalazine
1979: Poly[oxytetradecanedioyloxy-1,4-phenylene-(2-methylvinylene)-1,4-phenylene]. A polymer showing monotropic mesomorphism
1982: Liquid crystal behavior of linear copolymers. I
1982: Liquid crystal behavior of linear copolymers. II
1982: Molar melting enthalpy in an homologous series of mesophasic polymers
1983: Mesophasic properties of linear copolymers. 3. Nematogenic copolyesters containing nonmesogenic rigid groups
1984: Disc-like mesogens : synthesis and characterization of a series of rufigallol-hexa-n-alkanoates
1984: Linear copolymers with smectogenic properties
1984: Mesophasic properties of low molecular weight model compounds containing two rigid groups connected by a flexible spacer
1984: Temperature-dependent smectic-like structure observed in linear mesogenic polymers
1985: Disk-like mesogens: synthesis and characterization of a series of rufigallol hexa-n-alkanoates
1985: Mesophasic properties of low molecular weight analogues of nematogenic polycarbonates
1985: Orientational order in the nematic phase of low molecular weight analogues of nematic polymers
1986: Dimensional stability of polystyrene/polymeric liquid crystal blends
1987: Metal-containing liquid-crystal polymers
1987: Molecular orientation in liquid fibers of nematic polymers
1987: Virtual mesogenic character of poly(tetramethylene terephthalate)
1988: Crystal structure of a mesogenic copper(II) square-planar complex bis[N-p-(n-hexyloxy)phenyl-p-(n-heptyloxy)salicylaldiminato]copper(I I)
1988: Liquid-crystalline polymorphism in a class of low molar mass analogs of mesogenic polyesters
1989: Bis{4-(heptyloxy)-N-[p-(hexyloxy)phenyl]salicylideneaminato}palladium(II)
1989: Phase behavior of some .alpha.,.omega.-dicarboxylic acids containing a mesogenic core
1989: The phase behavior of solutions of nematic dimers consisting of two rigid groups linked by flexible spacers
1990: Bis[2-(ethylimino-.kappa.N-methyl)-5-(hexyloxyphenoxycarbonyl)phenolato-.kappa.O]copper(II)
1990: Mesophase behavior of some semiflexible trimeric compounds
1990: Phase behavior of sulfur containing polymers: polythioesters
1990: The Crystal Structure of Bis[4-(5'-carboxylpentyloxy)acetophenon]azine
1990: Transport properties of a thermotropic liquid-crystalline polyester
1991: A comparative study of mesogenic structures. The crystal structures of bis[(4-butoxycarbonyl)phenyl] terephthalate and bis[(4-valeroyloxy)phenyl] terephthalate
1991: Liquid-crystalline behavior of polymeric organometallic complexes of copper(II)
1992: Crystal structure of 4,4'-biphenylenebis(oxycarbonylbutyric acid)
1992: Liquid Crystalline Polymorphism in New Semiflexible Polyesters containing 2-Phenyl-Benzoxazole Group
1992: Metal Containg Mesomorphic Polymers
1992: Synthesis and preliminary characterization of a new fully aromatic mesogenic polyester containing a 2-phenylbenzoxazole group
1996: Synthesis, characterization, and phase behavior of some azines with potential optical nonlinearities of second order
1997: New polymeric metallomesogens. A potentially photorefractive side-chain polyacrylate containing a cyclopalladated azobenzene complex
1998: Metallorganic side group liquid crystalline polymers containing .pi.-allylpalladium(II) groups
1999: Multi-oriented and fibrous liquid crystalline networks based on linear mesogenic polymers
1999: Solvent-induced ordering phenomena in a segmented-chain mesogenic polymer with a flexible substituent at the rigid moiety
2000: Cholesteric liquid crystal polymers containing coordinated copper(II) in the main chain
2001: Main chain liquid crystalline polymers with laterally linked organometallic mesogens
2001: Rigid-chain metallomesogenic polymers containing vanadyl or copper(II) ions coordinated in the main chain
2002: Preliminary study on MOM based PDLC
2002: Synthesis and Misbibility of Some Metal-Containing Liquid Crystalline Materials for Electrooptical Applications
2007: Augusto Sirigu (1939-2007)


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