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Rounsville, Sherman H.

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Rounsville, S.H.


Cangiano, Dominick;   Culbertson, Edwin C.;   Frank, Detlef M.;   Jester, Randy D.;   Kimmel, Robert M.;   Kuder, James E.;   Onodera, Mioru;   Penoyer, John A.;   Sanefuji, Toru;   Sato, Toshiaki;   Tsudaka, Takeichi;   Wolf, Arnold E.;   de Martino, Ronald N.

Publication Titles

1996: Monolithic liquid-crystal polymer microelectronic wiring modules and their production
1999: Laminates formed from wholly aromatic, amorphous stretchable liquid crystalline polymers and nonpolyester thermoplastics and methods of forming same

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