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Rosu, C.

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Rosu, Constantin


Aleksander, M.;   Almeida, P.L.;   Beica, T.;   Bena, R.;   Cuculescu, I.;   Czupryñski, K.L.;   Donescu, D.;   Dumitru, M.;   Frunza, L.;   Frunza, S.;   Gilli, J.M.;   Godinho, M.H.;   Honciuc, M.;   Hurduc, N.;   Ionescu, D.;   Ionescu, Doinita;   Klosowicz, S.;   Manaila-Maximean, D.;   Mitroi, R.;   Motoc, C.;   Motoc, Cornelia;   Niculescu, E.;   Petrescu, E.;   Pop, Tatiana;   Socaciu, M.;   Sofron, E.;   Stoenescu, D.;   Yamamoto, T.;   Yokoyama, H.;   Zgura, I.

Publication Titles

1980: Hysteresis phenomena in mixtures of liquid crystals
1984: Photovoltaic effects in nematic and cholesteric mesophases containing nonmesogenic compounds
1987: Induced polarization in cholesteric and smectic phases containing nonmesogenic compounds
1992: Influence of the Light on the Electric Conduction of Some Fatty Acids with Mesomorphic Behaviour
1992: Study of the Electric Relaxation in Some Fatty Acids in the Mesomorphic State
1996: Dielectric properties of a new smectogenic polymer
1997: Dielectric and Non-Linear Optical Properties of a New Class of Smectogenic Polymers
2002: Influence of Polarizing Electric Fields and High Temperature Exposure on Optical Transmission of PMMA based PDLC-type Devices
2002: Thermally Stimulated Depolarization Currents and Optical Transmission on Liquid Crystal/Cellulose Derivative Composite Devices
2002: Thermally stimulated depolarization currents and optical transmissionon liquid crystal/cellulose derivative composite devices
2004: Influence of Polarizing Electric Field on Electrical and Optical Properties of PDLC Films
2004: Polymer-Dispersed Cholesteric Liquid Crystals Reflecting In the Infrared Region
2004: Thermally Stimulated Depolarization Currents on Colloidal Liquid Crystal Composite System
2007: Synthesis and Electro-Optical Studies on Composite Materials Polymer Particles/Nematic Liquid Crystal
2008: Synthesis and Electro-Optical Studies on Composite Material: Functionalized Copolymer Particles/Nematic Liquid Crystal
2009: Study of Ester-Type Liquid Crystals by TSDC and Optical Investigations


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