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Rossi, F.

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Rossi, Fausto


Belli, G.;   Biosa, G.;   Busoni, S.;   Capaccioli, L.;   Falivene, A.;   Gori, C.;   Guasti, A.;   Marchettini, N.;   Menchi, I.;   Ristori, S.;   Rustici, M.;   Saletti, P.;   Spanò, G.;   Taddeucci, A.;   Targetti, S.;   Tiezzi, E.

Publication Titles

2007: Interplay between the Belousov–Zhabotinsky reaction–diffusion system and biomimetic matrices
2009: Performance evaluation of a full line of medical diagnostic displays and test of a web-based service for remote calibration and quality assurance

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