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Rong, Lixia

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Rong, L.


Bai, Yao-Wen;   Chen, Xiao-Fang;   Fan, Xing-He;   Fan, Xinhe;   Ginorio, Jorge E.;   Hsiao, Benjamin S.;   Li, Christopher Y.;   Shen, Zhi-Hao;   Sics, Igors;   Sun, Lu;   Tenneti, Kishore K.;   Wan, Xin-Hua;   Zhou, Qi-Feng;   Zhu, Lei

Publication Titles

2006: Phase Transitions and Honeycomb Morphology in an Incompatible Blend of Enantiomeric Polylactide Block Copolymers
2007: Hierarchical Nanostructures of Bent-Core Molecules Blended with Poly(styrene-b-4-vinylpyridine) Block Copolymer
2007: Side-Chain Liquid Crystalline Poly(meth)acrylates with Bent-Core Mesogens
2008: Competition between liquid crystallinity and block copolymer self-assembly in core-shell rod-coil block copolymers
2009: Influence of LC Content on the Phase Structures of Side-Chain Liquid Crystalline Block Copolymers with Bent-Core Mesogens


Macromolecules, 39, 8203
Macromolecules, 40, 5095
Macromolecules, 40, 840
Macromolecules, 42, 3510
Soft Matter, 4, 458

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