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Romero, Pilar

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Romero, P.


Alcala, Rafael;   Barbera, Joaquin;   Beltrán, Eduardo;   Cavero, Emma;   Giménez, Raquel;   Levelut, Anne-Marie;   Marcos, Mercedes;   Martin-Rapun, Rafael;   Omenat, Ana;   Puig, Laura;   Ros, M. Blanca;   Sanchez, Carlos;   Serrano, Jose L.;   Serrano, Jose Luis;   Serrano, José Luis;   Sierra, Teresa;   Tejedor, Rosa M.;   Vera, Francisco;   de la Fuente, M. Rosario

Publication Titles

1990: Metalloorganic liquid crystals: bis(N-aryl-4-substituted salicylaldimine)nickel(II) and copper(II) complexes
1990: Novel liquid-crystalline derivatives of transition metals. The effect of the molecular geometry of the ligands on the mesogenic properties of tetracoordinated copper(II) complexes
1991: X-ray diffraction study of some mesogenic copper, nickel and vanadyl complexes
2005: Ionic Thermotropic Liquid Crystal Dendrimers
2005: Strict Steric Requirements for the Formation of Helical Mesophases Consisting of H-Bonded Supramolecules
2005: Supramolecular Helical Mesomorphic Polymers. Chiral Induction through H-Bonding
2006: Propeller-like Hydrogen-Bonded Banana-Melamine Complexes Inducing Helical Supramolecular Organizations
2007: Bent-Core Liquid Crystals from Roof-Shaped Boron Coordination Compounds: Synthesis, Characterization, Dielectric, and Electro-Optic Studies
2007: Light-driven supramolecular chirality in propeller-like hydrogen-bonded complexes that show columnar mesomorphism
2008: Photosensitive Ionic Nematic Liquid Crystalline Complexes Based on Dendrimers and Hyperbranched Polymers and a Cyanoazobenzene Carboxylic Acid


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