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Rochefort, Willie E.

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Rochefort, W.E.


Bowman, Reid H.;   Denn, Morton M.;   Ernst, Benoit;   Greiner, Andreas;   Greiner, Karin;   Grizzuti, Nino;   Heffner, Glenn;   Liu, Ming-biann;   Mather, Patrick;   Pearson, Dale S.;   Pierini, Peter;   Pierini, Peter E.;   Ricker, Mathias;   Schmidt, Hans Werner;   Schmidt, Hans-Werner;   Seitz, Markus

Publication Titles

1992: Formation of thermoreversible gels from liquid-crystalline polyesters
1992: Rheological properties of liquid-crystalline solutions of cis-poly(p-phenylenebenzobisoxazole) in poly(phosphoric acid) (PBO/PPA)
1993: Process for coagulating and washing lyotropic polybenzazole films
1994: Synthesis and characterization of a semiflexible liquid crystalline polyester with a broad nematic region

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