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Robinson, Michael G.

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Robinson, M.G.;   Robinson, Michael Geraint


Bigner, B. Jack;   Clark, Noel A.;   Doroski, David;   Johnson, Kristina M.;   Liu, J.Y.;   Liu, Jian-Yu;   Ros, M. Blanca;   Shao, Ren-Fan;   Tombling, Craig;   Walba, David M.;   Zhang, Lin

Publication Titles

1990: Optical neural networks using smectic liquid crystals
1991: An approach to the design of ferroelectric liquid crystals with large second order electronic nonlinear optical susceptibility
1991: Design and synthesis of new ferroelectric liquid crystals. 14. An approach to the stereocontrolled synthesis of polar organic thin films for nonlinear optical applications
1991: Fast optoelectronic neurocomputer for character recognition
1991: Ferroelectric liquid crystals designed for electronic nonlinear optical applications
1991: The measurement of second-harmonic generation in novel ferroelectric liquid crystal materials
1993: Parallel incremental update and storage in amorphous silicon optically addressed spatial light modulator
1993: Room temperature 10 MHz electro-optic modulation in ferroelectric liquid crystals
1996: .alpha.-SI/FLC novelty filter device
1996: Analog nonvolatile optically addressed spatial light modulator
1997: .alpha.-Si:H-FLC: ferroelectric liquid-crystal-amorphous silicon novelty filter


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