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Ritter, Helmut

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Ritter, H.


Buchholz, Norbert;   Casper, Patrick;   Choi, Soo-Whan;   Draheim, Georg;   Edelmann, Dirk;   Elsner, Holger;   Galli, Giancarlo;   Klemm, Dieter;   Knöchel, Friedrich;   Koch, Thomas;   Kretschmann, Oliver;   Kreysig, Dieter;   Luchtenberg, Jürgen;   Moszner, Norbert;   Niemann, Manfred;   Patzschke, Hans-Peter;   Ragnoli, Marina;   Rheinberger, Volker;   Rodewald, Stephan;   Salz, Ulrich;   Schnabelrauch, Matthias;   Stein, Armin;   Stolzenbach, Heinrich Georg;   Stumpe, Joachim;   Theis, Alexander;   Wiederholt, Erwin;   Zaplo, Olaf

Publication Titles

1985: Permeation of short-chain alcohols through liquid-crystal-containing polyamide membranes
1987: Thermoanalytical studies on liquid crystals in chemistry lessons
1989: Synthesis and thermal properties of photosensitive polyacrylic systems with cinnamic acid-containing side chains and their use in composite membranes
1990: Photoreactive cellulose derivatives with comb-like structure, 1. Modification of O-trialkylsilylcellulose with cinnamic acid-containing side chains
1992: Photochemical behaviour of cinnamoyl-containing crystalline polymers with comb-like structure
1994: Polydiene oil-based binders for coatings
1994: Synthesis of telechelics with furanyl end groups. 3. Synthesis of side-chain liquid-crystalline telechelics and network formation with unsaturated polyesters via Diels-Alder additions
1997: Dental materials from liquid-crystalline monomers
2003: A Novel Liquid-Crystalline Vinylcyclopropane-Derivative Bearing Cholesterol: Synthesis and Polymerization
2003: Novel Polymerization of Fluorinated 2-Vinylcyclopropane in Aqueous Solution via Cyclodextrin Complexes
2003: Synthesis and Kinetic Studies on the Photochemical Behavior of Polymeric Mesoions from Novel Methacrylic Monomers and of Mesoionic Copolymers with Liquid Crystalline Properties


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