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Richards, Gary J.

Similar Names

Richards, G.J.;   Richards, Gary;   Richards, Gary James


Acharya, Somobrata;   Aldred, Matthew P.;   Ariga, Katsuhiko;   Contoret, Adam E.A.;   Eastwood, Amanda J.;   He, Catherine Fang;   Hill, Jonathan P.;   Kelly, Stephen M.;   Kitney, Stuart P.;   Kundu, Sudarshan;   O'Neill, Mary;   Vlachos, Panos

Publication Titles

2005: Synthesis and mesomorphic behaviour of novel light-emitting liquid crystals
2007: Heterocyclic polycatenar liquid crystals
2009: Nanorod-Driven Orientational Control of Liquid Crystal for Polarization-Tailored Electro-Optic Devices

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