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Rey, Alejandro D.

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Abukhdeir, Nasser M.;   Abukhdeir, Nasser Mohieddin;   Chan, Philip K.;   Cheong, Ae-Gyeong;   Denn, Morton M.;   Farhoudi, Yalda;   Golmohammadi, Mojdeh;   Grecov, Dana;   Gupta, Gaurav;   Ho, A.S.K.;   Hwang, Dae Kun;   Kundu, Santanu;   Mather, Patrick T.;   Ogale, Amod A.;   Park, Jung O.;   Park, Jung Ok;   Sharma, Dinesh;   Singh, Arvinder P.;   Soulé, Ezequiel R.;   Srinivasarao, Mohan;   Tsuji, Tomohiro;   Wincure, Benjamin;   Wincure, Benjamin M.;   Zhou, Jian;   de Andrade Lima, Luiz Rogério P.;   de Luca, Gino

Publication Titles

1987: Analysis of converging and diverging flow of nematic liquid crystal polymers
1989: Analysis of transient periodic textures in nematic polymers
1990: Defect controlled dynamics of nematic liquids
1990: Defect-mediated transition in a nematic flow
1990: Radial creeping flow of rod-like nematic liquid crystals
1991: Defect dynamics of a nematic polymer in a magnetic field
1991: Orienting properties of discotic nematic liquid crystals in Jeffrey-Hamel flows
1993: Macroscopic modeling of dynamic phenomena in liquid crystalline materials
1993: Shear flows of nematic polymers. I. Orienting modes, bifurcations, and steady state rheological predictions
1994: Extension dynamics of discotic nematics of variable order: geodesic flow and viscoelastic relaxation
1995: Anisotropic viscoelasticity of side chain nematic polymers
1995: Bifurcation analysis of the isotropic-discotic nematic phase transition in the presence of extensional flow
1995: Bifurcational analysis of the isotropic-nematic phase transition of rigid rod polymers subjected to biaxial stretching flow
1995: Computer simulation of dynamics and morphology of discotic mesophases in extensional flows
1995: Elasticity-driven texture selection mechanism in mesophase carbon fibers
1995: Macroscopic theory of orientation transitions in the extensional flow of side-chain nematic polymers
1995: Phenomenological theory of flow-alignment in binary nematic mixtures
1995: Theory and simulation of extensional flow-induced biaxiality in discotic mesophases
1996: Flow alignment in the helix uncoiling of sheared cholesteric liquid crystals
1996: Flow-alignment and viscosity rules for single-phase binary mesomorphic mixtures
1996: Helix uncoiling modes of sheared cholesteric liquid crystals
1996: Phenomenological theory of textured mesophase polymers in weak flows
1996: Residual normal force after cessation of squeezing flow of liquid crystalline polymers
1996: Structural transformations and viscoelastic response of sheared fingerprint cholesteric textures
1996: Theory of linear viscoelasticity of chiral liquid crystals
1997: Effect of long range order on sheared liquid crystalline materials. Part 1. Compatibility between tumbling behavior and fixed anchoring
1997: Fiber stability analysis for in-situ liquid crystalline polymer composites
1997: Linear stability theory of break-up dynamics of nematic liquid crystalline fibers
1997: Simulation of reorientation dynamics in bipolar nematic droplets
1997: Stability Analysis of Catenoidal Shaped Liquid Crystalline Polymer Networks
1997: Theory and simulation of gas diffusion in cholesteric liquid crystal films
1997: Theory and simulation of shear flow-induced microstructure in liquid crystalline polymers
1997: Thermodynamic stability analysis of liquid-crystalline polymer fibers
1998: Microstructure constitutive equation for discotic nematic liquid crystalline materials. Part 1. Selection procedure and shear flow predictions
1998: Microstructure constitutive equation for discotic nematic liquid crystalline materials. Part 2. Microstructure-rheology relations
1998: Orientation mode selection mechanisms for sheared nematic liquid crystalline materials
1998: Recent advances in theoretical liquid crystal rheology
1999: Analysis of liquid crystalline fiber coatings
1999: Marangoni flow in liquid crystal interfaces
1999: Nematic contact lines and the Neumann and Young equations for liquid crystals
1999: Nemato-capillarity theory and the orientation-induced Marangoni flow
1999: Tension gradients and Marangoni flows in nematic interfaces
1999: Texture dependence of the Rayleigh instability in discotic mesophase fibers
1999: Theoretical analysis of texture dependent extensional viscosity of discotic mesophases
2000: Effect of long range order on sheared liquid crystalline materials: Flow regimes, transitions, and rheological phase diagrams
2000: Mechanical theory of structural disjoining pressure in liquid crystal films
2000: Modeling the Wilhelmy Surface Tension Method for Nematic Liquid Crystals
2000: Stress Balances in Nematic Interfaces
2000: The Neumann and Young equations for nematic contact lines
2000: Theory of interfacial dynamics of nematic polymers
2000: Theory of linear viscoelasticity of cholesteric liquid crystals
2000: Viscoelastic theory for nematic interfaces
2000: Viscoelastic theory for nematic polymer interfaces
2001: Capillary instabilities in thin nematic liquid crystalline fibers
2001: Generalized nematostatics
2001: Mechanical Theory for Nematic Thin Films
2001: Saddle-splay elasticity and interfacial nematostatics
2002: Cahn-Hoffman capillarity vector thermodynamics for liquid crystal interfaces
2002: Cahn–Hoffman capillarity vector thermodynamics for curved liquid crystal interfaces with applications to fiber instabilities
2002: Simple shear and small amplitude oscillatory rectilinear shear permeation flows of cholesteric liquid crystals
2003: A Model of Capillary Rise of Nematic Liquid Crystals
2003: Nematostatics of triple lines
2003: Shear-induced textural transitions in flow-aligning liquid crystal polymers
2003: Simulation of texture formation processes in carbonaceous mesophase fibres
2004: Chiral front propagation in liquid-crystalline materials: Formation of the planar monodomain twisted plywood architecture of biological fibrous composites
2004: Line tension vector thermodynamics of anisotropic contact lines
2004: Thermodynamic Model of Surfactant Adsorption on Soft Liquid Crystal Interfaces
2004: Thermodynamics of soft anisotropic contact lines
2004: Thermodynamics of soft anisotropic interfaces
2005: Computational modelling of light propagation in textured liquid crystals based on the finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) method
2005: Optical and structural modeling of disclination lattices in carbonaceous mesophases
2005: Steady state and transient rheological behavior of mesophase pitch, Part II: Theory
2005: Texture Rules for Concentrated Filled Nematics
2006: Anisotropic Fluctuation Model for Surfactant-Laden Liquid-Liquid Crystal Interfaces
2006: Dynamic interactions between nematic point defects in the spinning extrusion duct of spiders
2006: Linear viscoelasticity of textured carbonaceous mesophases
2006: Mechanical Model for Anisotropic Curved Interfaces with Applications to Surfactant-Laden Liquid-Liquid Crystal Interfaces
2006: Microscopic Observations and Simulations of Bloch Walls in Nematic Thin Films
2007: Capillary models for liquid crystal fibers, membranes, films, and drops
2007: Computational modelling of nematic phase ordering by film and droplet growth over heterogeneous substrates
2007: Nanoscale Analysis of Defect Shedding from Liquid Crystal Interfaces
2007: Point and ring defects in nematics under capillary confinement
2007: Ringlike cores of cylindrically confined nematic point defects
2008: Mechanical Model for Filament Buckling and Growth by Phase Ordering
2008: Non-Isothermal Model for Nematic Spherulite Growth
2009: Metastable Nematic Preordering in Smectic Liquid Crystalline Phase Transitions
2009: Non-classical scaling for forced wetting of a nematic fluid on a polymeric fiber
2009: Shape-dynamic growth, structure, and elasticity of homogeneously oriented spherulites in an isotropic/smectic-A mesophase transition
2009: Shear flow induced microstructure of a synthetic mesophase pitch
2009: Thermodynamic modelling of carbonaceous mesophase mixtures
2010: Edge dislocation core structure in lamellar smectic-A liquid crystals


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