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Rey, A.D.

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Rey, Alejandro D.


Cheong, A.-G.;   Cheong, A.G.;   Das, S.K.;   Farhoudi, Y.;   Grecov, D.;   Han, W.H.;   Singh, A.P.;   Wang, L.;   Yan, J.;   de Andrade Lima, L.R.P.;   de Luca, G.

Publication Titles

1991: Periodic textures of nematic polymers and orientational slip
1992: Simple shear flow of a nonaligning nematic
1993: Analysis of shear flow effects on liquid crystalline textures
1993: Ordering effects in shear flows of discotic polymers
1993: Rheological predictions of a transversely isotropic fluid model with extensible microstructure
1993: Stationary bifurcations and tricriticality in a creeping nematic polymer flow
1993: Supercritical bifurcations in simple shear flow of a non-aligning nematic: reactive parameter and director anchoring effects
1994: Dynamic simulations of shear-flow-induced chirality and twisted-texture transitions of a liquid-crystalline polymer
1994: Orientation symmetry breakings in shearing liquid crystals
1994: Simulation and validation of nonplanar nematorheology
1995: Simulation and validation of temperature effects on the nematorheology of aligning and nonaligning liquid crystals
1995: Theory and Simulation of Optical Banded Textures of Nematic Polymers during Shear Flow
1996: Theory of linear viscoelasticity for single-phase nematic mixtures
1997: Pattern formation and non-linear phenomena in stretched discotic liquid crystal fibers
1997: Pattern selection mechanism in mesophase carbon fibers
1998: Consistency of predicted shear-induced orientation modes with observed mesophase pitch-based carbon fiber textures
2000: Theory of surface excess Miesowicz viscosities of planar nematic liquid crystal-isotropic fluid interfaces
2001: Generalized Young-Laplace Equation for Nematic Liquid Crystal Interfaces and its Application to Free-Surface Defects
2002: Temperature effects on capillary instabilities in a thin nematic liquid crystalline fiber embedded in a viscous matrix
2002: Texture formation in carbonaceous mesophase fibers
2002: Theoretical and computational rheology for discotic nematic liquid crystals
2003: Linear and nonlinear viscoelasticity of discotic nematics under transient Poiseuille flows
2003: Monodomain and polydomain helicoids in chiral liquid-crystalline phases and their biological analogues
2004: Assessing flow alignment of nematic liquid crystals through linear viscoelasticity
2004: Superposition and universality in the linear viscoelasticity of Leslie–Ericksen liquid crystals
2004: Texture dependence of capillary instabilities in nematic liquid crystalline fibres
2004: Thermodynamic and Flow Modeling of Meso- and Macrotextures in Polymer-Liquid Crystal Material Systems
2006: Back-flow and flow-alignment in pulsatile flows of Leslie-Ericksen liquid crystals
2006: Integrated linear and nonlinear viscoelasticity of discotic liquid crystals


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