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Reshetnyak, V.Y.

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Reshetnyak, V.Yu.;   Reshetnyak, Victor Y.;   Reshetnyak, Victor Yurievich


Buchnev, O.;   Buluy, O.;   Burylov, S.V.;   Cox, S.J.;   Glushchenko, A.V.;   Gvozdovskyy, I.A.;   Kiselev, A.D.;   Kubytskyi, V.O.;   Kurioz, Y.;   Kurysh, D.;   Pinkevich, I.P.;   Reznikov, Y.;   Sluckin, T.J.;   Terenetskaya, I.P.;   Tereshchenko, O.;   West, J.L.;   Zadorozhnii, V.I.;   Zakusylo, O.

Publication Titles

1997: Effective Medium Theory of Light Scattering in PDLC Films
2003: Diluted ferroelectric suspension of Sn[sub 2]P[sub 2]S[sub 6] nanoparticles in nematic liquid crystal
2003: Dissolution of steroid crystals in a nematic droplet: effect of rotation
2003: Influence of anchoring energy inhomogeneity on director distribution in twist-cell
2003: Magnetically controlled anchoring of nematic liquid crystal
2003: Temperature induced anchoring transition in nematic liquid crystal cell
2003: Twist of cholesteric liquid crystal sandwiched between plates with asymmetry in anchoring energies
2004: Adsorption Phenomena and Macroscopic Properties of Ferronematics Caused by Orientational Interactions
2008: Simulation of Photorefractive Effect in Thin Liquid Crystal Film


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