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Reigada, Ramon

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Reigada, R.


Abad, Enrique;   Albalat, Rosa;   Burriel, Patricia;   Claret, Josep;   Crusats, Joaquim;   Ignes-Mullol, Jordi;   Ignés-Mullol, Jordi;   Mikhailov, Alexander S.;   Romero, Maria Teresa Martin;   Sagues, Francesc;   Sagués, Francesc

Publication Titles

2004: Collective Reorientation in Isolated Smectic-C Langmuir Monolayer Droplets Induced by Line Tension Anisotropy
2004: Nonequilibrium orientational patterns in two-component Langmuir monolayers
2005: Photoinduced molecular reorientation dynamics in confined domains of Langmuir monolayers
2005: Photoswitchable Orientational Patterns of Confined Domains in Monolayers
2005: Texture Changes inside Smectic-C Droplets in Azobenzene Langmuir Monolayers
2006: Collective Molecular Precession Induced by Rotating Illumination in Photosensitive Langmuir Monolayers


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Phys. Rev. E, 69, 041103

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